Monday, 12 March 2018

The Time We Went To Watch The Sunrise

Earlier this year, we published our family bucket list for 2018. On it we put a number of activities, habits and experiences we'd like to accomplish between January and December - only some of which we have managed so far, despite already being nearly 25% through the year.

One of the more simple things we had committed to do was to watch a sunrise. In theory, anyway, it is something that is relatively easy to do. Unless you live with my family: I have a husband who hates waking early on any day of the week, and two sons who have their own rather verbal ideas of what fun is. So, admittedly, in order to get this done, I had to ambush them.

I knew this past Saturday would be quiet as it was the day before Andel's Cycle Tour race, so when I woke at my usual weekday wake up time of 05h15, following an exhausting day that had me asleep at 20h00, I took my chance. As soon as the kids stirred around 06h00, I suggested we take the opportunity to watch the sunrise.

Sometimes the best plans are the ones that aren't planned. We literally put trackies over our pyjamas and piled into the car, and at 06h40 were sitting on Muizenberg beach watching the world wake. It was magical.

Sunrise at Muizenberg Beach 06h42

Even Zac, who was in no mood to go, and spent the entire ride asking, "did we vote on this? I didn't vote to do this" had to admit that catching what was the only sun on Saturday was pretty cool.

My sun-kissed Sammy

Family Fun - even with graumpy Zac

Learning that we are better together

Bundled up and bonding

We're going through a bit of a challenging season right now, still, it's been so encouraging being reminded of God's great faithfulness, finding out how much joy and life we can experience in the small things, and confirming that as long as we're together, we're doing ok.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Junior Cycle Tour 2018

You'd think that after five years of doing this, we'd be taking Junior Cycle Tour in our stride. However, when you consider that this year we had eight children in six different age/distance categories, you can imagine the chaos that ensued just to register them, never mind on the actual day!

At 08h00 it was Andel and me with five kids, five bikes, two bags and a pram, trying to get the bigger kids ready for their race.

By 10h00 they had completed their races, and we were joined by Yaya, Dom and Garth, and the rest of the riders for the later rides.

To give you an idea of what the morning felt like: when we got home a little after 13h00, which would only have been marginally later than we do on a regular Sunday once we've been to church and popped out for groceries, I felt like I had worked an entire day!

Below, in no particular order, are pictures from various people, taken throughout the day. I'm sure you can understand that I had zero time to take pics!

Duck Faces


Pretty pleased with his medal

Setting off on his maiden bike voyage

So keen: at the start 20 minutes before the time

Not quite as keen on this cycle race business

Seems Peyton shares Bayley's sentiments

Taking in the view?

Bonny and her babies - just missing Adi & Bay

These boys - doing it for themselves

Start-line selfie

And perhaps some nerves?

Until next year then...