Wednesday, 18 April 2012


This past weekend, Andel and I snuck away on our babymoon vacation (yes, it has taken me this long to reconnect with the real world!). After months of vacillating between ideas of where to go, how long to go for, and whether or not I'd be able to manage a flight, we decided to drive to the beautiful valley of Tulbagh, and enjoy a weekend at Vindoux Guest Farm.

We were promised a private luxury treehouse, warm hospitality and country-kitchen food, and we were not disappointed.

Treehouse number 3

Hardly a humble nest
Andel at his happiest

It was so hot when we got there on Friday afternoon (sorry to rub that in), Andel even managed to get in a good swim.

Such a poser, this one!

Peanut decides not to have a swim!
(the first official public Peanut pic, by the way)

Lord of the Manor

On Saturday, it was a little cooler, and perfect weather, we thought, to do our own little Wine by Cycle Tour. We were going to cycle up to the dam and have a picnic lunch before heading back to the farm to braai for dinner (yes, they cater for all of that!). I, however, forgot to factor in my growing belly - and the fact that there's good reason why pregnant women are not supposed to cycle on an upright bike (well, it's just not possible, really). Andel, on the other hand, forgot to pack in spare tyre tubes. So half way to the dam, he got 2 flats, and we had to walk the bikes back! Thank heaven for the beautiful scenery, fresh air and inviting thoughts of braai dinner that made the walk so much more pleasant!

Breakfast for two - served on our balcony

The long walk/ride back

The perfect end to any day

On Sunday, to wind up a very relaxing weekend, we enjoyed the most decadent 2 hours pamper sessions at the day spa - a mommy-to-be massage (on a preggie massage bed and all!), pedicure and facial, and a destress massage and facial for dad - before taking the scenic drive home.

Savouring the last of the lie-ins

My pedi'd feet

What a great place for a last little getaway before the two of us officially become three. We had such a good time, we may just have to take Peanut back there sometime! :)

Friday, 6 April 2012

Amazing Love

It's been one of those weeks. I'm sure you know the kind: where, for whatever reason, you stop and take stock of your life, reassess where you're going, and realign your priorities.

A lady I know passed away suddenly this week. She was a loud, smiling woman with a big heart and an insatiable appetite for all of Jesus. Ashamedly, at times all the activity that epitomised who she was made me tired. This week though, I was amazed: as people heard of her passing, her facebook profile became filled - page after page - with testimonies of her devotion to the Lord, and the blessing she was to others. It made me really wonder: when I die one day, will people be able (and willing) to say that about me?

And so today, on Good Friday, we remember how God in his infinite and unconditional love (after countless attempts to reach out to the world at other times and in other ways) sent His own Son to die for the entire world - and most importantly, how it didn't end there. Jesus paid the price and fought the fight, and in His resurrection, silenced death once and for all, so that all people can have the opportunity to spend their eternity with Him.

And that's what keeps things in perspective. Death is not final. This life is not it. There is another gift waiting - and others need me to tell them about it.

"Because my sinless Saviour died my sinful soul is counted free.
For God the just is satisfied to look on Him and pardon me."