Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Button Beckons...

... and I don't feel nearly ready.

In conversation with second time moms (and dads), this seems to be a common problem. Apparently, the arrival of a second (and third, fourth etc.) baby brings with it an increasing sense of (false) confidence and familiarity that inevitably leaves everyone less prepared than they were with the baby before. And this is definitely the case with me.

Here we are, less than three weeks away from D-day, and never mind being packed, I don't even have a hospital bag! We also have not unpacked all the boxes since moving into our new house three weeks ago, so Button's things are somewhere in the mix waiting to be washed. We haven't moved Button's cot in yet. In fact, this week is particularly crazy because Andel is away in Johannesburg on business for three days, leaving me on solo duty with Zac, plus there's a Michael Buble concert I fully intend on attending, and the final lecture in a course I'm delivering on Saturday. And did I mention I'm still a week and a half away from the start of my maternity leave? How did I get so busy? I'm pretty sure that this time last time, I was just sitting around (im)patiently waiting for my Peanut.

Having said all this though, I do believe there are some benefits to having gone through this at least once before - for example:

I am definitely more relaxed about the pending events. I am not as nervous or afraid. And at least I know what labour feels like, so I won't have to wonder if it's starting every time I get a cramp! I also know - with 100% certainty - that there are some things I really don't need. All the frills and pretty nice-to-haves are no longer on the list of things to get, and thanks to the inexplicable belief that I'd be having two boys first, I have a whole box of things from Zac that I kept and can reuse.

Still, probably the best thing is that I'm not in such a rush to bring this cutie into the world. With Zac I got so impatient so fast, by the time he was born (which was nearly a week early anyway), I was pretty miserable about still being pregnant. This time, I'm enjoying the last of this belly time with Button - and of my alone time with my big boy Zac.

Zac using Button as a pillow while he still can...

I know that this next chapter in my life is going to be one of great change and challenge (and not only because every single mother I meet tells me so), so even though Button is certainly on his way, and I am not quite ready, my goal is to go into this a little more open to taking things as they come, and dealing with them as well as I can, where I am, with what I have.

I probably should pack that hospital bag though...

Monday, 9 March 2015

Cape Town Cycle Tour Recap

As I sit here on the back-end of what is traditionally a very full and exhausting weekend for us, I must admit that I'm rather relieved it's over.

The weekend of the Cape Town Cycle Tour is significant for many reasons: we inevitably remember our Gramps Ikey who, prior to passing away suddenly in 2011, took part in over two decades of these tours; we now have - official and unofficial - family members who participate every year (next year we may have an extra one in the form of one Peter John du Plessis *watch this space* ) which means this usually marks a short break in training before the cycle (pardon the pun) starts up again; and we have most recently had our kids involved in the Junior Tour as well.

This year we had to add to this the hope that Button would stay put long enough for his dad to start and finish the race - which he did, thank you.

Here are some of the pics of the weekend:

Jorja and boys took part in the 1.7km course at Youngsfield Military Base early Saturday morning. While everyone was super keen, somewhere along the line, we had not calculated the number of adults required, and so I ended up chasing after Zac, in slipslops, with a hugely preggy belly! Fortunately uncle Brendan arrived as well, so he was able to accompany - more like, chase after - Jorja in her race. Also in slipslops!

Safety first!

Getting ready at the start

Matthew's mixed feelings about his first ride

If you could call it riding - he was pushed

A quick stop at the refreshment station

Papu and his long-awaited-for boys

So how far was that chaps, nearly 2km?

Uncle Brendan drew the short straw to accompany Jorja...

...and chased after her the whole way

Meanwhile Jorja had already finished!
Sunday was another very early morning. I never seem to be able to avoid waking up - or be able to go back to sleep - when Andel leaves for his races, and this year I had some company when Zac woke at 05h30. When we'd already had breakfast and gotten dressed before 06h30, we decided to head out to Edinburgh Drive (this seems to be our spot) where we could see the cyclists on their way up AND down, thanks to the shorter reroute that had to be implemented as a result of the devastating fires last week. Papu very kindly joined us for a bit.

Some musical entertainment on the road

Papu and Zac waiting for Anno

And here he comes up Edinburgh Drive

Followed a little later by uncle Brendan

The view from the top of the bridge - beautiful!

Many have said that this Cape Town Cycle Tour, given all the drama and changes, will be one of those never-to-be-forgotten ones, and from what I can tell by the way the participants have spoken of their experience, I reckon they're right.

So now that we've made it past the race, I just need Button to keep it together for another 12 days please so that I can finish the course I'm lecturing, and go see Michael Buble in concert. Let's see how that goes...