Friday, 27 January 2012

Half Way Here

This week Peanut and I enter our 20th week together! :)

So much has happened since we found out about our little bundle last October. I can't believe it's been 4 months already, and yet, sometimes I can't recall too much of my life before the belly. We've been through exams, exhaustion, working the Christmas season, a change in jobs, a complete loss of appetite and bursting out of my clothes (not necessarily in that order), and still every day brings new discoveries.

Peanut is currently over 20 cm and weighs 300g. S/he seems to be a little shy when out in public, managing to hide sufficiently beneath my clothes to make me look as though I've just had a really big lunch. At home though s/he happily makes herself visible to all!

I'm so proud of every little milestone we reach, and even more excited for all we're still to get to. Significantly, this week, Peanut started making enough of a fuss for me to notice when s/he moves around. While these flutters are still rather faint, I have already picked up that there is a short play time between 21h30 and 22h00 every night, when Peanut gets a good workout before preparing for bed (meaning I can't get to bed before then either - a taste of things to come!). It's truly amazing how this fully formed little person floating around in my womb is already controlling so much of what we do!

Thank you to all our friends and family who have been praying for us. Please continue to do so: that the second half of our pregnancy would be as healthy and problem-free as the first, and that Peanut's journey into the world would be just as perfect as we imagine s/he is.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Birthday Boy

Today Andel turned twenty eight - a day he's been looking forward to since he turned twenty seven! Unlike most other men his age, Andel loves the fact that he's getting older, and thanks to Virgin Active who gives all staff members a day off for their special day, makes sure that every birthday is jam-packed with all things he likes to do. This year was no different:

08h00: Andel opened his eyes just long enough for me to wish him and say goodbye as a left for work.

Peanut's card to Daddy

08h30: Andel had birthday breakfast at the Spur (sponsored by Peanut)

09h30: Andel went for a 2 hour cycle to Kirstenbosch (in already 35'degree heat!)

Andel checking out our future neighbourhood :)

12h00: Andel came home to wash his car, and have a bite to eat.

13h30: Andel went to the driving range with Papu and Dennis (a friend from church) for 3 hours!

16h30: I got home to an empty house... Andel joined a little later :)

18h30: The Hendricks clan came round for dinner and birthday cake

Six large pizzas demolished by the famiglia!

Final result

Birthday cake: baked and iced by Robyn, and decorated by Jorja

What a blessed day! And what a good thing Andel managed one like this. After all, it may be the last he gets for a while yet. As he mentioned this evening, next year I may leave Peanut at home with him!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bitter Sweet Goodbye

I'd never have thought this would feel so weird...

Today was my last day at Virgin Active: a company I've spent the last 5 years working for.

During my time here I have had 5 job titles, and worked in 10 clubs all across Cape Town. I have managed nearly 100 franchise business partners, facilitated more than 20 different fitness products, and qualified 30 staff members to work in the industry as Personal Trainers.

I have had 8 weeks holiday, and even less sleep. While working here I got pneumonia, mumps, and had all my wisdom teeth extracted. I have done approximately 300 opening (o4h30) shifts, and worked on New Years Day every year!

While it's been a long, often challenging season, it has brought irreplaceable experiences:
This is where I learnt to labour, lead, love and live. This is where I got my first real job. How I paid off my student loan. When I bought my first car. Where I met my husband, got married, and (much) later, found out that we were pregnant. I have made lasting friendships, valuable connections and many precious memories.

Today I say goodbye to this world, these old familiar places, and all my former dreams, and exchange them for a new path, and a fresh tomorrow.

Who could have known how bitter sweet this would taste...

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I can hardly believe that another year has come and gone. It feels like just yesterday when we said goodbye to 2010 and welcomed in 2011. So much has happened over the past year: so much to be thankful for, so much that has been overcome, and so many blessings that we've experienced.

Our 2011 looked a little like this:

Andel celebrated his birthday, and was moved from Constantia to Claremont Virgin Active - a move that was indicative of the great job he had been doing, and even greater expectations. I registered to start studying through UNISA.

Andel's birthday picnic

My freelance work at Virgin Active dried up, and miraculously, God provided me with two jobs: a permanent post with Virgin Active as a PT Manager in Gardens, and a 3 month part-time lecturer post at an exercise institute.

Virgin Active Demo Team

Andel and I had our first camping trip, in which we endured a blazing 40 degree heatwave!

Roughing it out

I was given leave (despite starting work only 8 weeks earlier) so that Andel and I could travel to the UK on a wonderful 3 week holiday to family and friends.

London Heathrow: saying goodbye

Andel's twin brother Bernil married his sweetheart Ricki in a beautiful celebration at Houwhoek Inn in Grabouw.

The Klaasen clan

We said a very sudden and sad farewell to our beloved Gramps Ikey who passed away unexpectedly.

Gramps Ikey handing out gifts from the UK

PJ and Ashleigh announced the newest addition to their family: little DuPie who is due in March.

Ash's current 29 week belly

We bid a heart-wrenching farewell to our besties Karl and Tarrin who moved to Ireland after spending a wonderful two years with us in Cape Town.

Karl and Tarrin at the Starlight Summer Concert

I celebrated my birthday, and threw away all my ridiculous checklists!

Camps Bay for a birthday cuddle

Andel and I found out we were pregnant, and introduced the world to our little Peanut. Andel also moved clubs again, this time to Point.

Peanut at 10 weeks

After a stressful period of exams, I received a glowing report of distinctions all round, and as a dual exam-anniversary present, Andel and I spent the most amazing time at Asara.

Honeymoon Suite at Asara

Following a turn of events that can truly only be described as divine, I was offered a full time lecturer position at a fitness training academy which will allow me to work normal hours, without any weekends or public holidays, and allow me to finish my studies and be a mommy!

God has been so faithful. He has delivered on His promises, and carried us through the triumphant and turbulent times. As a result, we really have so much to look forward to, and are expectant (pardon the pun) for all He's going to do in our lives this year. So here's wishing you and yours the most wonderful new year. May it be full of love, happiness and many lavish blessings!

I've affectionately dubbed 2012 "The Year of the Baby" as we know at least 10 couples who are awaiting little arrivals this year - so if you're not already pregnant... I'm just saying! :)