Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Birthday Photo Update

I've just been reminded that today Zac is 1 year, 1 week and 1 day old - and that this post is late, so here it is.

Andel and I were adamant that we did not want to give Zac a 1st birthday party. We felt that it seemed a lot of money and hassle for something neither he nor his friends present would really remember. We were horribly mistaken. As it turns out, it seems the world is in agreement that a baby's coming of age is something that cannot be passed by without a significant celebration. And if the parents aren't keen to do it, the rest of the world will.

So, inspired by some birthday decorations sent from the UK, we planned a Under-the-Sea themed lunch for Zac and his school buddies on Tuesday, and family tea for the Sunday. Both were intended to be low-key... Neither really lived up to that!

On the menu for lunch was vienna sausage squid on a bed of spinach sea-weed and pasta shells, followed by blue jelly sea-water with suspended jelly-sweet fish.

Smiley Squid

Lunch time at Bonny Babies

Getting treated to a Daddy-feed

Look, I can pose and eat my jelly!

No birthday lunch would be complete without a take-home box

For the Sunday, we made (yep, made) starfish and sea-shell cookies (made from sand molds, thanks to every local baking store not having any cookie cutters), cupcakes with sea-world toppings, and chocolate-dipped marshmallows (originally meant to be octopops, but that lost their legs when the chocolate wouldn't pipe!).

Not quite as I had pictured it in my head, but ok in the end!

Piped icing - the difference!

This took practically all of Saturday, so thank heavens for my sensible sister who, foreseeing the carnage that would ensue, already ordered the birthday cake to spare me having to try that too.

The awesome birthday cake - yum yum!

Throw in some more cake (a swiss roll from Yaya, carrot cake from Ouma, and a few extra treats), and you have a party table!

High tea indeed

The day was entertaining, to say the least. Who knew a 1st birthday tea could be so exhausting?! (and it was the 30 adults, not the 6 children that made it so!) Zac had a lovely day, although perhaps it was a little overwhelming, because (like his mother at many of her own parties) after tears, tantrums and throw-ups, he had to take a sick day on Monday!

Mommy's big boy

Thanks to everyone for all the wishes and pressies from near and far. Zac is such a loved and blessed little boy, and we are so grateful for the role you all play in raising our little monkey.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Zac Turns 1!

As a child growing up, I remember getting birthday cards and notes from my mom that always started with something like "x years ago, on a night like this, I was waiting for you to arrive...". I never quite understood the nostalgia - until now. I guess as a mother you can't help but recall the events of your child's birth day, and in that regard, I suppose this apple hasn't fallen far from the tree!

Dear Zac, my almost 1-year-old boy...

When I think back to last year, just before you were born, I can't believe that it's only been a year since you came into the world - demanding its attention, and making your presence known. You haven't really changed much...

You're adventurous and entirely fearless. You trust implicitly and seem to believe in the impossible. You see no boundaries, and regularly test the reaction time of your guardian angels (and your parents!). You're constantly smiling - from the moment you open your eyes in the morning, to when they reluctantly close at night. You're smart and fascinated by the world, and never seem to tire exploring it. Most of all though, you're the epitome of love: you're a reminder of God's love, a product of our love, and a source of such unconditional love. Your generous hugs and kisses fill my arms with your sweet scented cuddles, and my heart to overflowing!

I'm so thankful for all the lessons you've taught us this year, and all the blessings you've brought us simply being part of our world.

We desire so many things for you: continued joy and happiness; health and abundant life; opportunities and favour over all your dreams. Most of all though, we wish you a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father who loves you even more than we do, and who created you in His beautiful image. To live your whole life for and with Him has a reward greater than your mind can imagine or your heart can handle.

You make us such proud parents, and I'm so blessed to be called your mommy. I look forward to each day I get to spend on this exhilarating journey that is, mothering you.

I love you endlessly my sweet, precious, beautiful boy.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Got myself a crying, talking, sleeping, walking, living doll...

So lately this old Cliff Richard song has come to mind quite a bit - especially when people comment on how big Zac is getting. We've definitely had the crying, talking, (sometimes) sleeping bit for a while already, but most recently, we have added the walking bit too.

Nearly 3 weeks ago, 11-month-old Zac decided to demonstrate his skills by walking across the room to greet his daddy after school. Prior to this, he had been standing comfortably and regularly cruising around the furniture, but taking one or two steps only when he thought no one was looking.

Since then Zac has been practicing furiously. He walks all day, every day. And fast too. If he could control his little legs any better, he'd be running from place to place. And as a result, I have not been able to capture any footage of this - until now.

At last I managed to get him to walk to me while recording it!

And now my exercise begins, I believe. I get to chase this crying, talking, sleeping, walking, living doll all over the place!

(Interestingly enough, Zac's walking has coincided with Ethan and Jorja's absence from Bonny Babies. Perhaps Zac thought he'd best find something to keep himself occupied while they're on holiday... Or maybe he and Ethan have plans to take over the joint once they're back?)