Tuesday, 27 December 2011

...The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...

Today is an additional public holiday, given by the government (last week) to 'compensate' for a public holiday we lost earlier in the year. While I initially thought it was a bit of a silly thing to do (I mean, do they not realise how chaotic this is for staffing?), I'm rather glad I managed to get an extra day to recover from the Christmas weekend. Heaven knows, I need it!

When it comes to Christmas traditions, Andel and I have tried to break the mould a bit. Every Christmas eve is spent with the larger Klaasen family. While we don't have a formal dinner (although this is going to change from next year), we hang out until midnight (usually watch apologetically as the grandkids are woken from their slumber), and exchange gifts as soon as the clock strikes twelve.

Christmas stockings for the whole family - homemade by Robyn

Lexi eagerly awaiting her gifts

Ricki distributing the pressies

Even the adults got in on the action

Just about ready for bed

The next morning, we have a leisurely breakfast before we leave to head back to Cape Town. There we join our church in hosting a lunch for abandoned and abused women and kids. The best part about this that we all share lunch together. For me, it's the best of both worlds: kind of like eating out, but still being at home. And we love that we get to avoid a family tug-of-war by having our own little family lunch.

Christmas evening is spent with the Hendricks bunch. It always starts with Secret Santa, a gift exchange programme that I'm happy to say is working very well for all of us. All the adults draw names in October already, and for Christmas day, only have to get gifts for that one adult, and the kids. The anticipation on Christmas afternoon is almost palpable - especially PJ's (he's the most particular when it comes to gifts, and is always paranoid that he's not going to get what he wants). This year it worked out like this:

PJ bought Dom an ipod

Dom bought Yaya a spa voucher (5 hours worth!)

Yaya bought Papu a tool box

Papu gave Robyn the cash for a Springbok jersey
(the announcement of Peanut threw a spanner in the sizing works)

Robyn bought (an ecstatic) PJ a vegetable knife (that's been on his list since 2008!)

Andel bought Ash a pair of white gold earrings

Ash bought Andel an All Black jersey

And Kim (who was not officially part of Secret Santa this year) got a blender from Santa himself

The younger ones also enjoyed an array of gifts, the highlight being Jorja's keyboard - which her mother spent the day playing!

The rest of the evening was a food, fun and family fest. We had Gran Jean, Gramps George, the Ebrahims and the Hannuman family over for dinner, and a house-full of festivities that went on well into the night. Some survived longer than others...

Andel's contribution to dessert: carrot cake made by his mom, and decorated by his wife
(it seems we were too busy making, eating and surviving dinner to take any more pics)

A day's photography is hard, tiring work!

Christmas really is such a special time. As I reflect on Christmases past and dream of Christmases to come, I'm so grateful for the blessing of friends and family. And amidst all the loving and giving, how can we not marvel at the greatest gift of love ever known: that God could love this fallen world so much, that He sent His son Jesus to save it. How amazing!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Congratulations and Celebrations

What a crazy few weeks we have had! We have well and truly entered the Silly Season. Even the weather in Cape Town has begun to catch up. Following a few days of torrential downpour (where even the most optimistic was beginning to wonder if we'd have a white - or wet - Christmas), we are finally enjoying the most wonderful sunshine!

Since we last blogged, we have had a few things to celebrate, like...

...Meeting Peanut Klaasen
On Tuesday 29th November, Andel and I got to meet Peanut (the belly name Andel has given our baby). We got a clear view of our sleeping child who only after much prodding reluctantly woke up to give Daddy a wave. And yes, it seems there is only one! What a miracle a growing baby is! We are now 13 weeks pregnant, and while our baby is only the size of my little finger, my belly seems to be preparing much more room - I officially can't close the top button on any of my trousers!

13 Week Preggie Belly

...Making the Grade
Amid much anxiety and impatience, I finally received my exam results. Considering that I only received assignment feedback last month, I was not sure how long this process would take, and I was pleasantly surprised to have all my marks back before the official date! I was even more pleasantly surprised to discover that I had achieved distinctions for all the modules. To be honest, I was elated! To say that this year of studying and working has been easy or even manageable would be a lie. So many times I have wanted to throw in the towel. But God is so faithful: He placed so many really helpful people in my path, and turned my lack of discipline, minimal preparation and last minute cramming (while in my first month of pregnancy) into an amazing result. I'm so amped right now, I can't wait to get stuck into those last 3 modules!

No Porridge Brain Here!

...Making the Cut
Each year Virgin Active hosts a rather prestigious (and exclusive) awards evening/theme party for star performers in the company. It's by invitation only, and involves being flown to Johannesburg for a night of fun, fame and fine dining. To qualify to be invited, you must be nominated for a national award by winning the regional award - or you have to be voted in by your colleagues as a club superstar. This year Andel and I were both invited. In the 5 years this awards evening has been running, Andel has attended every year (strangely enough, it's only every second year that I get to tag along!). While I was voted in by my colleagues, Andel was nominated. Twice. He was the only person in the company who qualified for 2 national nominations by winning 2 regional categories. While he (rather controversially) didn't win either categories, he was still the star of the show - for me, anyway! :)

Star Awards 2011: Flashback Stars of 60s, 70s & 80s

Let the good times continue...

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Pelicans and Predictions

In our family, there is a bit of an old wives' tale that pops up every so often. My aunt has this theory that when she sees pelicans, it means there's a baby on the way. Not too long ago, during a pelican episode, she was pleased to find out that my sister Ashleigh and her husband PJ are expecting their second child in March. Despite a recurrence of these pelicans, she was happy enough that she'd found the reason for them, and continued on her merry way.

As it is with families who are expecting babies, the conversations moved from the usual and mundane "how are you? how is work?" to "how is the baby? do you know what you're having?" and "what does so-and-so think about this?". Now Jorja, Ash and PJ's 2-year old daughter, who is bright beyond her years, and equally stubborn, revelled in the opportunity to join in on these conversations. Naturally people began to ask her opinion on the matter "what is in your mommy's belly? do you want a brother or a sister", to which she'd promptly reply, "we're getting 2 boys". Well, numerous scans and examinations later Ash confirmed only one baby. Jorja however continued to say, "we're getting two boys".

A few weeks later, we were all invited for a family lunch at my parents'. It had been a long, difficult month, and I was feeling exhausted. Coming straight from work, Andel and I just about fell in at the front door when Jorja came rushing out to greet us. She stopped in front of us, pointed her finger at me, and confidently declared, "You. You have a baby in your tummy!".

Holy smoke! A pee-stick, bloodtest and 2 examinations later, Andel and I are proud to announce that we are officially 10 weeks pregnant, and very excited about it too! But none more so than Jorja who seems to have amended her story some. Her new response to all the baby related questions now goes something like this, "My mommy has a baby in her tummy. And aunty Yommin. She's having 2 boys".

Lord help us all!

Second Honeymoon

On Monday 21 November, Andel and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. In case you were wondering where we've been all this time: things have been rather adventurous! Since my last blog I have been on study leave and completed all my exams (successfully, I hope), and Andel has changed work clubs. Twice. Due to all this commotion, our initial plan to see in our milestone in Vic Falls fell overboard, so to speak. Nevertheless, Andel had a backup plan!

On Sunday morning Andel and I checked into Asara Wine Estate and Hotel in Stellenbosch. Asara had come highly recommended by PJ and Ashleigh, and we had enjoyed a tapas lunch there before, so we were looking forward to our stay.

When we arrived, we were a little disappointed to find out that our room wasn't ready yet, but 30 minutes later, it was well worth it. We had been upgraded to the best suite they have! We had spa bath, living room, guest bathroom and a wrap-around balcony with an awesome view! For a brief (insane) moment, we wished we had visitors just to use it all.

A Room With a View

The Good Life

Dream Bathroom

We enjoyed a lazy afternoon, and divine 3-course dinner before turning in for the night. And what a special turndown service we received! The next morning we had a leisurely breakfast before reluctantly packing up to leave.

The Turndown Service

What a very special celebration. The service we received at Asara was fantastic, and as a result they are pretty much guaranteed to have us return someday.

Who said you can't be on honeymoon every anniversary?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Beyond The Big Two-Eight

For the past few weeks I have been experiencing what I've called a 'Third-Life Crisis'. Today I turned 28. Now there's nothing obviously significant about turning 28. It's not like turning 21 or even turning 30. It's a number stuck in between in seeming oblivion, except for one little thing: it's been 10 years since I left school.

(Andel always says if I would articulate and expand on the things I'm thinking more often, I wouldn't look so insane. So here comes the explanation)

Finishing school was a major thing for me. Not like no one thought I was going to. It was a more that I was stepping into what I thought was going to define my future, and as a result, I planned accordingly. I made a list of the things I was wanted to do, the assets I wanted to obtain and the accolades I wanted to achieve - all by the magical age of 28.

It should have been a good idea. I mean, this kind of visionary planning is what dreams are built on, right? Except that I've spent the best part of the last 2 years stressing about all the things on the list I haven't ticked off, slowly and painfully counting down to the dreaded 'two-eight'.

And now it's arrived. I approached this birthday kicking and screaming, fearful that my world was going to collapse because of my 'failure', and yet, today has come and gone with it all still in tact. Fortunately, I'm blessed with good friends who have spent the week giving me the proverbial push to just get on with things. Because I have achieved so much: I have studied, travelled, entertained, loved, lost, married and, mostly importantly, grown (a lot).

So I reckon it's a good thing this birthday is almost over with. No more remorse. No more panic. And no more list making!

Birthday on the Beach!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Remember When...

These past 2 weeks have taken us on a trip down memory lane: remembering old times, resuming old plans and reconnecting with old friends.

While on what has become an annual trip to a delightful bakery in Noordhoek, my good friend Michelle and I started chatting about high school. It was at some point in the conversation that I commented on our 13 year friendship. "Are you sure?", Michelle asked, "I only met you in standard 8". We quickly did the math: 3 years of high school, 5 years of uni, 5 years in the working world - yes, we've been friends 13 years!

The Lovely Michelle xx

Just a few days after that, Andel and I met up with his school friends at their school reunion. What an experience it was stepping into a part of Andel's world that I had never been part of. How entertaining to see a bit of history unfold in front of our eyes.

Grabouw High 10 Year Reunion

Time flies! In 10 years, so much has happened in our respective circles. We have au paired in America, left our home towns, started new businesses, cruised the seven seas, starred in reality TV, brought life into the world, changed our perspectives, our hair, and our names. And yet, when we look back on these friendships, not much has changed at all.

Like Michelle and me: even though she spends 50 weeks of the year on the other side of the world, when we are together we are able to pick up exactly where we left off, reducing the 13 years between us to a mere 13 minutes.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Inviting The Inlaws

Since Andel's brother got married in May, I think we've visited his parents once - by accident, when we were on a roadtrip with my parents and decided to pop by for tea. It's not that we don't enjoy being there. On the contrary, we usually go for the entire weekend. However, work and other commitments have made that we haven't been able to go for a while. So in an attempt to bridge the gap between Cape Town (where we live) and Grabouw (where they live,) with something other than the N2, Andel and I invited them for lunch today.

It should have been a very good plan. I mean it involved us getting to see them, sharing a hearty meal, and not have to use up half a tank of petrol. Then I remembered a very important little detail: I don't really know how to cook.

Can you imagine the panic that ensued? Andel comes from the farm - and I don't mean that in a bad way. My point is simply that he grew up eating what he calls "real food" (not grilled or microwaved), which is always home made, served in large portions, and laden with flavour and calories that linger long after lunch has been served.

My immediate instinct was to call in some aid. You can't have a brother-in-law (my side of the family) who's a chef, and not put him to good use once in a while. As it turns out, perhaps I have played that card one too many times, on a few levels: If I rock up anywhere with a dish I'm usually met with, "Hi Robyn, did PJ make that?". And sadly, most times he has, meaning that there is a pretty high expectation already set. I was hoping this little explanation that accompanied my plea would work in my favour. Unfortunately it did not. PJ was unable to help.

Did I mention that around the same time, my family confirmed (only a week after being invited and a mere day before the lunch) that they too would be attending - children and all? And my lunch for 4 became a lunch for 10.

So yesterday, I earnestly began putting together a menu, and frantically searching for recipes that were easy enough for my virgin hands to follow, and still with enough ingredients to constitute a decent meal.

I cooked for 6 hours, simultaneously juggling my latest Unisa assignment, doing a quick coffee with the girls, and baby-sitting Zoe and Reece. After mixing, washing up, frying, washing up, baking, and washing up again, I got to bed at midnight: exhausted, but pleased that a mere 20 minutes in the oven would have everything ready.

Then we woke up this morning to a neighbourhood without electricity!

Thankfully, alls well that ends well. When we got home from church, our electricity was back on, and Hendricks and Klaasen families together enjoyed a lunch of: butternut soup and bread for starters, chicken and broccoli pasta bake with side veggies for mains, and pear tart with custard for dessert.

And the best part: I MADE it all myself... not that I plan to repeat this any time soon!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Annual Hendricks Weekend Away

This last weekend was what has become our Annual Hendricks Weekend Away at Coaton Cottage in Bainskloof. Since 2008 we have been making the hour long trip into the mountains above Wellington for some much needed rest and relaxation. Much has changed since the first trip: small children (in the form of nieces and cousins), big children (in the form of boyfriends who have become husbands), new cars (to transport all the children), and dates. For the last two years, we have gone over the Women's Day long weekend, which means we have been there for both parents' birthday.

As most of us did not have an early end to the week, we decided to drive through on Saturday morning. The family weekend however started in full force of Friday evening when my parents had all their kids, their spouses and their kids sleeping over - six of us side by side, asleep on the lounge floor in front of the fireplace (and the TV). It definitely set the tone for the rest of the weekend!

On our way to Bainskloof on Saturday we stopped for birthday breakfast with Mom: in addition to feeding us all, it also gave Jorja an opportunity to play, the girls a chance to pee, and the boys the luxury of picture rugby!

We had hardly been at the cottage 10 minutes before we got our first visitors: Paul, Ronel and friends. It was a nice treat for Mom's birthday.

Sunday we did the whole birthday thing again - this time with homemade breakfast (ala PJ), and with Roger, Carolyn and their friends visiting. Later the afternoon Annie joined us (she had been dancing the previous two night so didn't make the trek with us). What a presence Annie brings to a room... I wish I could post a video on here!

Monday was a little more chilled (birthdays over and all). Being a school holiday, Paul returned with uncle Jamie Poole for a boys' day. The weather was particularly warm and sunny so we took a walk down to the river in the mountains. What a majestic sight! While some of us lazed in the sun, others were skipping pebbles across the water, and still others exploring in between the rocks. Jorja was the most fascinating thing: this was her virgin river expedition experience.

The drive home Tuesday was bitter sweet. I love being away. I especially love that there is no mobile phone signal - for my phone anyway :) - and when returning from holiday I always wish I had one extra day to pull myself towards myself before starting the week.

It's funny, when I reflect on these holidays, I think about all the things that I get annoyed or impatient by: waiting to leave, forgetting important ingredients, being too cold or getting fluey. I think about how sometimes, the end of the weekend away comes at just the right time because I seem to be all 'familied out'.

And then I think about how that doesn't really matter, how most times my favourite times are our family times, and how I must really love this annual holiday. I mean, why else do I keep going? :)

ps. I went into so much detail so that I could post all the pics... And now they don't want to upload :( I'll keep trying!

Saturday, 30 July 2011


In the Klaasen household, Sundays - the commonly referred to 'day of rest' - has a certain routine to it.

We wake up (sometimes early, sometimes late), and attend our local church, Kaleidoscope. We leave feeling blessed, challenged and refueled. We then usually go to Newmans Avenue (lately more often than not). It seems Andel has a growing attachment to that place - probably because of the DSTV! Some Sundays we watch sport, other Sundays we just share lunch. On special Sundays we take a drive out somewhere in the green bus with our tea and sweet things packed in.

Regardless of the afternoon's activities, Sunday evenings are always the same. Andel and I meet with our best friends, Karl and Tarrin (sometimes at our place, mostly at theirs), and enjoy our standard dinner of toasted baguettes with yummy filling. Whether we watch a movie (or next episode of a series), play boardgames, listen to music or simply catch up, it's always the perfect end to the weekend, and the preferred start to the week.

This weekend brings the last of such Sundays - for now anyway - because on Tuesday Karl and Tarrin move back to Ireland. A move that was inevitable, and dreadful all the same.

It's funny how such a simple thing has become such a defining part of our lives. While I don't think we necessarily took it for granted, I know now that we haven't really appreciated the 90-odd Sunday evenings as much as we could have.

Come next Sunday, I'm not sure what we'll be doing. I do know though that we will feel a little lost because, as Tarrin once said, "Sundays just don't feel like Sundays without you guys"...

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Blogger's Block

It has been 40 days since I last I last blogged. It seems I have a serious case of Blogger's Block!

Well then, I have also been quite busy: I work, I study, I play in a band, I'm married, I have a large (extended) family... But I don't think it's that.

I'm a Wordsmith. I like to write, I like to talk, I like to read. I love that I know many people who blog, and I thoroughly enjoy following them. What's happened to me then that suddenly I am carefully counting my words before posting, afraid that what I have to say may not be significant or profound enough? I seem to be in my own competition called "Battle of the Blog"!

I think that, sometimes, with everything, when you get to that wall in the road that you seem to be constantly banging your head against, you need to remember why you started the race in the first place. And I started to blog so that I could look back and see all the wonderful things God has blessed me with, protected me from, and taken me through.

So while things may be tough, and time rather tight, I will boldly blog about the simple and the striking, what I'm thinking about and what I'm thankful for, and regularly reminisce on what's been.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Time To Say Totsiens

On Friday we said goodbye to a great man: a champion sportsman, legendary grandfather, exemplary husband, proud daddy and faithful Christian. We laid to rest our beloved Izak (Ikey) Geduld.

Gramps Ikey in his very first Argus Cycle Tour, over 20 years ago

His passing on 3rd June 2011 could not have come as a bigger shock. I realise that nothing can prepare us for death. Knowing that someone is ill or old may make it easier to digest, but it doesn't make it easier to deal with.

Having said that, knowing that Gramps has gone to be with Jesus in a place where he feels no pain, breathes effortlessly, and is able to cycle for hours on end does bring a measure of comfort. Thank God for sending Jesus to remove the finality and separation of death.

There are so many things we will remember, and even more that we will miss. Here are some of the memories shared at the funeral - just to mention a few.
- sharing Flanagans crisps and guava juice on the backseat of his Honda Ballad
- watching him flick his false teeth out, and then back in, in a quick snap
- hearing him call us the many names he used on us (including aapdrol and peophol)
- being held in one of his warm embraces
- listening to him sing
- having him comment on our latest work/sport/life development

Gramps Ikey, you will be sorely missed, but never forgotten! Until we meet again...

Terrific Two

Sunday 5th June marked the 2nd anniversary of Jorja Sarah du Plessis' birth.

I can't believe it has gone so fast. I remember, like it was yesterday, the downpour that Friday afternoon as I was driving home from work, when I received a text message from PJ, announcing with unbridled pride, the birth of his (nameless) daughter. I remember visiting Ash in hospital that same evening, and being introduced to this tiny beetroot-like baby with the big eyes (and rude hands). I remember the conversation Andel and I had in the car on the way home, when we thought for certain, that she looked just like a Jorja.

And yet, was there ever a time when Jorja wasn't part of our lives? She is such a big part of everything we do, I don't think we remember (or care) what we were doing before her. She's this explosion of love and affection, a wealth of knowledge and wit, and an eternal spring of energy!

Her birthday, although remembered in a time of much sadness, was a celebration of note. She had all her friends over, playing in the garden, and diving into the many delicious treats that were on offer while she readily added, "my daddy make this".

Jorja is growing into such a lovely little girl. Not only is she fully potty-trained (go Yaya!) and David Foster's biggest fan, she knows and can do so much.
Ash and PJ are doing a terrific job! It almost makes me feel a little broody...

Sleepy birthday girl catching 40 winks!

Cups and Cupcakes: made by Robyn and Ashleigh, from childhood memories we share

Jorja modelling the coat she got from Callum and Caitlin

Monday, 30 May 2011

Wedding Weekend

On Thursday evening, after a long work day and a frantic shopping spree, Andel and I packed a suitcase (I kid you not) and half our home possessions into the car, and drove to Grabouw in preparation for the much anticipated Wedding Weekend.

We were looking forward to the break. We had not stayed in Grabouw with Andel's family since early February, and having worked EVERY day since arriving back from England, we were hoping it would be a relaxing weekend. As it turned out, we were kept rather busy. And having gone through a number of weddings myself, as a bride, bridesmaid, sister and friend, I was roped in and put to work. My brother in law (the groom) went so far as to say that it was my job in the family to plan, organise, execute and manage!

The day did not come without its obstacles: Lexi (3-year old daughter of the bride) not wanting anyone touching her (or her mother's) hair, missing rings, rain showers reminiscent of The Flood and the minster (Andel's godfather) marrying Andel off to the bride! In the end though, for the happy couple, it was perfect.

I realise that each wedding is unique. It's lightly flavoured by the personalities of the bride and groom, and shaped by those helping (and paying). At the end of the day, it doesn't matter who sang, or how the speeches went or if that uncle you never speak to pitched up or not. It's about two lives becoming one, separately and together plugged in to Christ. It's about promises we choose to make, day after day.

Weddings are just the first day of a new life. Marriage is forever.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Vote: Hope

Today, in South Africa, it's election day. And while others are exercising their democratic rights, I'm exercising my self control and perseverance at work.

I don't think you can experience a voting day and not be introspective. Whether we like it or not, voting tension is everywhere: everyone has their own opinion, their own agenda, their own reasons to vote or not to vote.

I find myself wondering how much South Africa has really changed: since our last vote, since our last president, since our first election. It's clear that there are people living here who are still deeply hurt by the events in our country's history: a past and pain that not even 15 years of democracy can erase. There are young people still captive in prejudices they were brought up in. There is still poverty, corruption and crime.

But there is also hope. I love how people in South Africa are embracing their cultural diversity. I love how children, like Natasha, see kinship, not colour(she reckons she is a white Catholic). I love people are able to play their sport, excel in their profession, see the world regardless of their background or differences.

And there's our Living Hope: that God is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present, and entirely in control gives me such perspective. With Jesus in my boat, I can smile at EVERY storm!

I've heard that in choosing not to vote, you give up your right to have a say. I'm going to vote. I choose to have my say, make my mark, and be hopeful for this country.

Home, Sweet Home

It's funny how people always want the best of both worlds. I'm no different: having spent a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable 3 weeks in the UK, I became completely familiar and at home, and found myself inconsolably sad to be leaving. At the same time though, I was so looking forward to returning home - to our little house, and our big families.

And I was not disappointed by our welcome! I wish I had a photograph to capture the love that Jorja shared with us when we arrived at CT International. That girl gives THE BEST hugs! I was fortunate to have one that lasted 20 minutes: from the moment she greeted me, until we stopped in front of the house.

For me, one of the best parts of receiving the blessing of this holiday, was being able to bless others on our return. (Did I mention that we had 35kg more coming back than we did when we left?) To see expressions and exclamations of delight as we handed out little gifts warmed and swelled our hearts immensely - in particular: Annie's, Andel's Mom's (Thanks uncle Ed for your retail assistance!), and his sister, Shantel's! :)

Sadly, during our time away, Andel's aunt passed away. Although it's a time of loss and mourning, we are so grateful to have been able to spend time with her, and are learning (daily) to appreciate our loved ones while they are with us.

We miss England terribly: we miss the sun (it's overcast and cold here every day!), we miss the food (Andel and I have put on 4kg and 2kg respectively), and even though we really miss our family... it's good to be home.

ps. Blog was done Friday when we left. Update and pics to follow soon.

Home, sweet home... and waiting :)

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Thankful Thursday

While living in Argentina (and doing a daily blog, I kid you not!), my sister Ashleigh started the Thankful Thursday tradition. I've decided, having come to the end of a wonderful holiday, to make a reflective note on all the things we're thankful for:

- Unrivalled blessing of God's presence, provision and protection here
- Knowing the pleasure of having a spouse to travel with
- Health (especially that we were able to still travel and holiday despite being ill)
- Opportunities to see and experience all the beautiful things in this country
- Loving and lavishly generous family in London, Norfolk, Grabouw and Cape Town
- Incredible savings! :)
- Dreams that have been realised, and more that have been birthed
- Amazing weather - basking in sunshine nearly every day
- Years we'll get to look back on this time, thankfully

London Photo Update

I think, knowing that we are set to return home so soon now, I have subconsciously been avoiding the blog. Hope this makes up for it some...

An evening in London (it's actually 20h00 already in this pic!)

Our faithful tour-guides and home-rides

All our chocolate treats needing a space in the suitcase

Kirsty's beautiful hair on a rare day down

Some last minute shopping

Dinner at Bella Italia with the Wilcox's

Fruitiser, a long-lost cousin of Apple, Grape and Peartiser

A good meal should be followed by a good workout: Andel and Kirsty's idea of home-based training!