Friday, 5 May 2017

Half Way Here (Third Time Lucky)

For the third time in five years, I find myself half way through a pregnancy. In what as been a real whirlwind of events, it's rather funny how slowly things seem to be going this time around. Anyway.

We are now in the 21st week, and this morning we went for the big anomaly scan and check up. It was significant for a number of reasons. First off, having only seen a midwife so far, this was our first scan of the baby. Secondly, it's that big scan where you check everything, including whether there are boy or girlie bits. And thirdly, we had to take Zac along.

Turns out this little one is doing wonderfully. We had a glowing report of perfect development, good movement and healthy growth. And Zac was in awe. While his eyes were glued to the screen, taking in every detail of his newest sibling, his mouth did not stop talking (over the sonographer), asking a million questions. One of those questions was about the baby's gender.

Now for some context: Zac has been saying - for about a year now - that he's going to get a sister (note: this was before I was pregnant), and that God told him so (so admittedly I laughed a bit when I saw the test). When I explained to him that there's a 50% chance he may get another brother and asked him how he'd feel about that, he didn't miss a beat, and simply replied, "we can throw him in the bin". So that's been something we've had to work on for a while, and I thought we were getting somewhere until he cried last night about having to come to the scan today, saying, "I just know it's going to be another boy".

Needless to say, we have not found out the gender. We are hoping the excitement of the moment will override any potential disappointment.

So with four months to go, I can confidently say we are getting excited. The movements - and ever enlarging belly (who knew a small baby needed so much room?) - are making everything feel so much more real, and I am so looking forward to share those experiences with Zac and Sam who have already affectionately named their new sibling Jellyfish.

Jellyfish at 20+ weeks, looking exactly like Zac and Sam did!

September can't actually come soon enough!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

#catchup: CT Cycle Tour Juniors

I have recently drawn the conclusion that, based on the number of incomplete posts I have in my drafts here, I'm going to have to do some #catchup posts in which, although the information is literally months old, I can still post it on the blog without anyone missing it (which is what would happen if I slotted it into the correct time sequence).

Below is a photo update of CT Cycle Tour Juniors which, as it turned out, was the only CT event this year. As usual, the kids were super keen to participate, and eagerly dressed up in superhero regalia in keep with this year's theme. We had a record 8 Hendricks/Klaasen origin kids (and far too few adults to supervise them), but still managed to have a great time!

In the bus on the way to the event

Penny Bear, Zac's class teddy, race ready

It may have been a little early for these racers who went first

They held hands the entire way!

Jellyfish (in utero) and I got exercise too

Impatiently waiting for his race

Chuffed with her medal

All ready at the start line, on any and every type of wheels

Ready, Set, Go!

Penny Bear in tow

Some of the festivities at the event

A mandatory post-race (and lunch) ice cream en route home

Ice Cream happiness!

What a day! As chaotic as it always is, it's also always a lot of fun. And next year will be the real test - when we have a child in every age group!

ps. Jorja was also there, but not present for many photos as she was exploring with Lexi and Gabby, and raced on her own, without a co-pilot or photographer!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Blogging 201

Hip hip hooray! This post marks the 201st blog entry at Catching Up with the Klaasens - and time for us to catch up on what this blog is (should be) all about.


Bestie Spa Day (2016)
Ironically, while the last five months have broken me more than anything else I've experienced in my life so far, I don't think I've ever been this content. Things aren't perfect; we don't have it all together; we often struggle financially, emotionally, even mentally; we often feel disappointed and impatient that the things we have been dreaming about and hoping for have not yet happened. But we're in a good space, learning to rely on God for protection and provision, and really making an effort to enjoy and grab with both hands the opportunities that each new day brings.


School photo (2017)

Since the 101st post, a lot has happened. About a month after that post I was offered a National Management position in Virgin Active South Africa (which, for various reasons, I had to decline). I was then asked to complete a Masters so that I could teach full time at CPUT. I also started lecturing part time again, and for a while went into a partnership with friends who were starting a business (I have since left that, due to - ironically - my work and family commitments, but support them wholeheartedly still). Most recently I have once again, been involved in talks for a National Management position at VASA. All while I still teach full time at ISCT.


Following in Zac's footsteps (2017)

It's as though we have come full circle. When we're not listening to Zac and Sam's rendition of Shape of You (Ed Sheeran) we are back to listening to AJ Jenkins and all the alphabet, nursery rhymes and silly songs Sam is into right now. Zac has also, since starting to play percussion in my church band, been listening to praise and worship songs on repeat, working on his rhythm and timing. There's a lot of noise in our house.

Not so much for me. I am still no closer to that album I was talking about in Blogging 101. I want to say maybe I'll have time when I'm on maternity leave. But I'm not sure how realistic that is, really!


Treat Night at Michael's (2016)

I think it's safe to say that we bant. We gave up pretty much all carbohydrates in support of my desperate attempt to lose the baby weight I was still carrying more than 9 months after Sam was born, and it's just stuck. Don't get me wrong: we do eat the occasional (sometimes regular) treat, but on the whole, we are a whole lot healthier (and lighter) than we've been for a while. Banting apparently also affects fertility. That would explain a few things...


Amathunzi Game Farm, Robertson (2016)

How I wish we had tons of stories to tell here. Truthfully though, we have done only one family overseas trip in the last four years. It was amazing, and really ignited in me a deep, insatiable desire to travel with my kids. Sadly the South African Rand doesn't really support those kinds of dreams. So we, still, try to do some local traveling when we can.


Sunset Walks

Our family has gown by two people in the last 100 blogs. In addition to Zac we now have Sam and little Jellyfish on the way in September. We still have no pets, thanks to the rather small piece of land our house is on. Not that I'm complaining! Feeding three food-guzzling boys is a job all on its own, and I've only just managed to get Zac to help me bring the bins in; feeding another living thing will have to wait a while. Unless it's a fish.

Speaking of house. We bought one at the start of 2015, and have been there two-and-a-bit years now. I really love it; it's just the right amount of everything. Except that we have no garden or outdoor space, and with another human on the way, I do wonder how long it will be before we outgrow this space too.


Cape Town to Gauteng and Mpumlanga and back (2015)

I've not been as good at diligently recording memories in this space. I guess life happens, and while I wish I could just think it onto this blog instantaneously, it often ends up taking a while before I get the time to jot it all down. I do hope that, one day, Zac and Sam will take the time to enjoy reading back on these times (they currently just look at the photos and laugh to themselves), and realise that they may not have had everything, but they had a pretty good life.


Franschhoek (2017)

As one would imagine, being parents of two young boys, there is plenty play going on in our house. From being made to scrum them both between my knees, or chase them on their bikes as I try to walk down the Promenade, to sitting through hours of Paw Patrol being played out in our living room, or the triumphs and tantrums of Uno games - our lives are actually pretty playful. And we like it that way.

Outside of that, Andel has stopped playing rugby altogether, and is now cycling like a wannabe professional. He's actually really good. Fortunately. So it's not like he puts in all the hours for nothing. It would be nice, however, if I too could get some grown up play and exercise in. It's on my list to do Muddy Princess after this baby, so who knows. maybe it'll stick thereafter. Maybe.


Christmas (2016)

So we got the dream of another baby, in spite of major challenges and under miraculous circumstances when we got Sam. And now we are having another! And so perhaps the fact that we have not yet realised the dream of living abroad and traveling more, is well timed. I still have the insane dream of becoming a doctor. But that's a whole 'nother post all on its own!


A day in the life (2017)

There is nothing better than the sounds of belly laughter that rings from my room when the kids are with us, all piled up in bed. Just the other night, after reprimanding them for an out-of-control performance they put on while we were trying to Facetime family overseas, Zac and Sam took one look at each other, and doubled over in laughter - at me! These two have the most contagious sounding giggles ever, and it has helped me laugh a whole lot more too!

And everything else...