Saturday, 30 July 2011


In the Klaasen household, Sundays - the commonly referred to 'day of rest' - has a certain routine to it.

We wake up (sometimes early, sometimes late), and attend our local church, Kaleidoscope. We leave feeling blessed, challenged and refueled. We then usually go to Newmans Avenue (lately more often than not). It seems Andel has a growing attachment to that place - probably because of the DSTV! Some Sundays we watch sport, other Sundays we just share lunch. On special Sundays we take a drive out somewhere in the green bus with our tea and sweet things packed in.

Regardless of the afternoon's activities, Sunday evenings are always the same. Andel and I meet with our best friends, Karl and Tarrin (sometimes at our place, mostly at theirs), and enjoy our standard dinner of toasted baguettes with yummy filling. Whether we watch a movie (or next episode of a series), play boardgames, listen to music or simply catch up, it's always the perfect end to the weekend, and the preferred start to the week.

This weekend brings the last of such Sundays - for now anyway - because on Tuesday Karl and Tarrin move back to Ireland. A move that was inevitable, and dreadful all the same.

It's funny how such a simple thing has become such a defining part of our lives. While I don't think we necessarily took it for granted, I know now that we haven't really appreciated the 90-odd Sunday evenings as much as we could have.

Come next Sunday, I'm not sure what we'll be doing. I do know though that we will feel a little lost because, as Tarrin once said, "Sundays just don't feel like Sundays without you guys"...

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Blogger's Block

It has been 40 days since I last I last blogged. It seems I have a serious case of Blogger's Block!

Well then, I have also been quite busy: I work, I study, I play in a band, I'm married, I have a large (extended) family... But I don't think it's that.

I'm a Wordsmith. I like to write, I like to talk, I like to read. I love that I know many people who blog, and I thoroughly enjoy following them. What's happened to me then that suddenly I am carefully counting my words before posting, afraid that what I have to say may not be significant or profound enough? I seem to be in my own competition called "Battle of the Blog"!

I think that, sometimes, with everything, when you get to that wall in the road that you seem to be constantly banging your head against, you need to remember why you started the race in the first place. And I started to blog so that I could look back and see all the wonderful things God has blessed me with, protected me from, and taken me through.

So while things may be tough, and time rather tight, I will boldly blog about the simple and the striking, what I'm thinking about and what I'm thankful for, and regularly reminisce on what's been.