Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Big School

Twenty Sixteen has started with a bang and brought with it a number of changes. For us, most definitely, the biggest being Zac starting big school.

Given that Zac is only in Nursery, I guess it's not really big school quite yet, but he does have to wear uniform and he will get homework, so I reckon it's pretty close.

Today is day five, and so far, it's gone really well. Zac was looking forward, and counting down, to his new school since Orientation Day, and on the first day of school woke us all at 05h30 declaring, "no more sleeps!". He then happily ate his breakfast, brushed his teeth, and got dressed. By 07h10 we were sitting in the car park of the school watching Zac play in the sandpit.

A very nervous/excited breakfast date
Dressed and ready for school
Modelling a far-too-big school cap
Zac's favourite activity: playing in the sand pit

When the bell rang, while others clung, sobbing, to their parents, we watched our little boy - the second youngest and definitely smallest in the school - line up with his class, and wheel his bag into the building. I followed closelywatching to see if Zac would be a little nervous or teary himself, but he was a champ! We had to beg him for a photo and a quick kiss goodbye. And then we left.

Independently walking himself into class
The best (only) family pic we could manage on the day
Sam already taking advantage of some solo daddy time

Motherhood is a funny thing. I'll admit, I was nervous about Zac starting school, and I often wondered if he'd (we'd) be alright. I was so relieved that he took to everything so well, but truthfully, I also secretly wanted him to want to stay with us - to stay a baby - just a little longer. That strange combination of pride and heartache has become so familiar to me...

Since that first day, understandably, the excitement has died down. While we are grateful that we are no longer woken at 05h30, we do find ourselves navigating moods and preferences such as, "I want to go to Yaya today" and "I don't like brown sandals". The days are long, and we've yet to rid Zac of his afternoon nap that he now takes at 16h30! But we are managing. Today, for the first time, Zac traveled the staff kids' shuttle on his own. He grows more every day, and as he does so does my immense love for him.

Some days it's just all too much, and I find Zac like this
He's still only little, after all...

I can hardly believe we've begun this journey of schooling that we'll be on for at least another 17 years. Suddenly I feel rather old...