Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Super Saturdays

In our home, Saturdays don't really allow for putting up your feet and getting some (much needed) rest and relaxation. Before Zac was born, if we weren't working we were helping at events, and if we weren't playing sport, we were watching it.

Well, not much has changed.

When Andel didn't play rugby last year when Zac was born, I naively thought that perhaps that was the end of rugby for us. I assumed that the weekly cycling session he's been having with our friend Brendan for the last year was a replacement activity. I figured I would just have to get used to waking up between 05h30 and 06h30 each Saturday (when Andel leaves, or Zac wakes, whichever comes first), juggling breakfast, laundry and general cleaning, and having 4 hours of intensive one-on-one time with Zac - and hopefully gain back that time later in the afternoon.

Not so.

Rugby season started two Saturdays ago, and Andel is very much back in the swing of things. He has played both games (once off the bench), and already scored a try. So, despite Andel being able to attend only one training session during the week, and never mind the fact that he arrives home from his cycle only an hour or two before he's meant to be at the field, Zac and I now spend our Saturday afternoons on the sideline watching Andel play.

Andel on the bench - itching to play, I'm sure!

I quite enjoy watching live sport (especially when I'm a WAG). Still, watching with a very vocal and active 9 month-old is a whole other thing! I have to keep one eye on the game (so that I can give Andel a detailed critical evaluation of his performance) while running after Zac (who is usually crawling onto the field), with all our bags in tow. And when I've managed to secure him in his pram, my cheers and applause, are usually punctuated with action songs like "This Little Piggie" and "Round and Round the Garden" (much to Zac's delight).

Sometimes I'm lucky and have reinforcements - thanks Papu!

I also want to play...
And yet, I wouldn't have it any other way. And I suspect, as Zac gets older (and us more than likely having more sport-enthused children), this is something I'll be doing for a good couple of years still! So bring on Super Saturdays - I'll sleep when I'm old!

Far too much fun at the rugby!

Monday, 15 April 2013

March Madness

A lot has happened since I last posted...

First, Tarrin came to visit:
My best friend Tarrin, who has not been back to SA since she relocated to Ireland with her husband Karl 16 months ago, sneakily decided to surprise everyone with a 3 week visit back home. As you can imagine, I was most excited to see her, and to finally introduce her to Zac. They hit it off immediately, and when Andel had to go away on business for the week, Tarrin happily stepped in and took over Andel's role: she helped get him ready for bed, and got him up and dressed and dropped off at school in the morning. By the time she had to leave, both Zac and I were very sad to see her go. Thankfully, she is attending a wedding in SA next year, so she and Karl will be back.

During that time, Ethan turned 1:
With Ethan's mommy and daddy very busy at work, Aunty Dom was appointed head party-planner, and did an awesome job. Everything at the party was thoughtfully selected, co-ordinated and babyproofed - even the weather!

The birthday cake, made by aunty Tarrin

And what a baby-fest this was! There were at least 7 babies Ethan's age or under: all learning to sit or crawl or stand, and keeping the mommies on their toes. Thankfully the big brothers and sisters were old enough and happy to occupy themselves. Even Jorja was on her best behaviour - despite spending the afternoon climbing trees in her Princess dress!

Ethan shrieks in excitement - it is his day, after all!

Then the boys celebrated their first Easter:
Ashleigh hosted Easter lunch at Papu and Yaya's house, and the whole family was invited. We enjoyed a scrumptious spread of roti and curry for starter, crumbed chicken, succulent lamb, rice, roast potatoes and fresh vegetables in cheese sauce for mains, and baked sago and custard for dessert. Sadly, the daddies had to be at work (month-end madness) so they missed lunch, but joined us (much later) for tea and left overs.

Grand-daddy Love

Bat-boys - courtesy of the UK

Despite our best attempts, we were not able to keep Ethan and Zac entirely chocolate free. Mind you, there was quite a bit of chocolate drama - the biggest being my faux pas in selecting Jorja a blue Easter bunny when I really should have known that she likes purple.

Who says I'm not old enough to eat Easter Eggs?!

Still, we all enjoyed a very blessed time together, remembering the gift of eternal life that Jesus made possible when He took on the sins of the world and conquored death for us. And I'm so grateful that our children will grow up in this knowledge, and have their lives changed by it...

"train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it"
proverbs 22:6