Monday, 29 March 2010

An unexpected proposal...

Today is the second of three short work weeks, and officially my third last day in my current work place.

We have been very busy (as usually happens during short weeks), and I suspect this trend will continue as I have been given the most unexpected and exciting opportunity I've had in a long, long time.

I was fortunate to be called to meet with one of our big bosses who has since invited me to do a proposal for a new position. This is very exciting, as I have recently decided that I need a change. The implications of a successful proposal means that I will be able to work fairly regular (normal) hours, spend more time with my family, pick up part time studies, and be able to engage in extra curricular activities that since leaving uni in 2006 I have not had the time to do.

This whole proposal has really got me thinking too: To the naked eye it appears I will spend the next two weeks justifying my capabilities, and convincing the powers that be of the asset I am to their business. To the Divine eye, I have further opened my circumstance to the possibility of a miracle.

Regardless, I have a good measure of peace - something which has eluded me for a while - and it feels great!

Watch this space. Successful proposal or not, the next two weeks a story of note will unfold, and at the end, there will be (more) testimony to the work God is doing in our lives.

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