Sunday, 12 June 2011

Time To Say Totsiens

On Friday we said goodbye to a great man: a champion sportsman, legendary grandfather, exemplary husband, proud daddy and faithful Christian. We laid to rest our beloved Izak (Ikey) Geduld.

Gramps Ikey in his very first Argus Cycle Tour, over 20 years ago

His passing on 3rd June 2011 could not have come as a bigger shock. I realise that nothing can prepare us for death. Knowing that someone is ill or old may make it easier to digest, but it doesn't make it easier to deal with.

Having said that, knowing that Gramps has gone to be with Jesus in a place where he feels no pain, breathes effortlessly, and is able to cycle for hours on end does bring a measure of comfort. Thank God for sending Jesus to remove the finality and separation of death.

There are so many things we will remember, and even more that we will miss. Here are some of the memories shared at the funeral - just to mention a few.
- sharing Flanagans crisps and guava juice on the backseat of his Honda Ballad
- watching him flick his false teeth out, and then back in, in a quick snap
- hearing him call us the many names he used on us (including aapdrol and peophol)
- being held in one of his warm embraces
- listening to him sing
- having him comment on our latest work/sport/life development

Gramps Ikey, you will be sorely missed, but never forgotten! Until we meet again...


  1. Beautiful! This is now the third time I try and post this comment, so here goes.

  2. Hey Robyn
    One of the pleasures of the last while has been enjoying who gramps was by reading what people have said about him and I reckon your first paragraph sums him all up beautifully. Then your last paragraph sums up our feelings perfectly.
    Love ....