Monday, 29 October 2012

Working Nine-to-Five

When I rejoined the workforce 6 weeks ago, no one told me it was going to be quite this challenging. In the hustle and bustle, and frantic organising of husband, baby and self, I really have not even thought about the blog. Hell, most days, I'm lucky if I can think of anything at all!

On paper it seemed so simple: Andel would take Zac to daycare on his way to work every morning, and I, after finishing all my work at work, would fetch Zac at 16h00. Right. In reality, I take boxes and boxes of marking and lesson preparation home every day, only to return to work with them the next day, untouched.

Spending time with Zac is a priority, so between play-time and bath-time, not forgetting feeding-time, there is little rest-time. And more often than not, when Zac finally puts his sleepy head down by 21h00, mine goes down right along with his!

Working mothers - the real kind (not like me who can finish at 15h00) - you are my heroes! How you manage to work full days, and rear pretty awesome kids (without any issues of neglect or insecurity), and do it with smiles on your faces astounds me! One day when I'm big, I want to be just like you!

So my apologies for not blogging. So much has happened, and there's lots to fill you in on - which I resolve to do more timeously! Just as soon as I'm done with this term... kidding!

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  1. as long as you keep posting, we don't mind the wait.