Friday, 15 March 2013

We're Back!

Oh my word, I hadn't realised it has been 3 months since I last blogged! There is so much to fill you in on:


I decided that it wasn't worth being on a long holiday when Andel wasn't able to take leave, so after two weeks at home with Zac, I went back to work. I must admit, to have some adult time (albeit at work) was refreshing!

Andel celebrated the last of his twenty-something birthdays, and spoilt himself with a day off and some me-to-me gifts. He also celebrated some success at work when his club was recognised as one of the top sales achievers in 2012, meeting each month's target for the entire year.

It was a big month for Zac: he had his first swim, perfected his crawl, learnt to stand against the furniture, and started teething in full force. Of course this combination meant for an increase in attention-seeking behaviour (have I mentioned that he has a shriek that registers somewhere close to supersonic), dirty nappies and sleepless nights. Initially though, we were just so chuffed by his progress, the rest didn't matter too much.

Zac on the move...


Andel had a quiet month. Business was equally quiet at his club, so he was busy most of the time, resting only long enough to do some cycling training with Brendan or catch up on the latest series he was watching.

The college term at eta started at the beginning of the month, and I started my teaching practical at the International School of Cape Town a week later. It's been a while since I last walked the coridors of high school (or any school) so it was quite an anxious night-before for me. It also meant the start of much earlier mornings (I leave home nearly 90 minutes earlier than I used to) - which means that I've had to make the most of my afternoons with Zac.

Zac's no-knees crawling style was making him supermobile, and he and Ethan were on the go most of the day, every day. Of course with Ethan taking his first few steps, Zac thought he'd follow suit and practise standing sans the furniture. Zac got his two bottom front teeth, and decided that biting people would be a new way of showing his affection. Needless to say, we (me especially) were not impressed by this.


Andel took part in his second Argus Cycle Tour last Sunday. He and Brendan did it in 05h29, and managed to shave 90 minutes off last year's time. Andel also attended his work's awards evening in Johannesburg this week, leaving me to be single parent, full time student teacher and part time lecturer for three days. Thankfully I had the assistance of my family and Tarrin, who arrived for a surprise visit last week. We are so happy to have her here, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching her and Zac get to know eachother.

Andel getting ready for the race

Andel, Brendan and Nurr with their no. 1 fan after the race

Zac is just a bundle of energy. His little personality is turning out to be quite a mix of Andel and me, and he is currently exercising the side of him that is rather demanding (I think that my be me in there). He is eagerly trying to walk along everything, and pulls on anything that is within his reach. He obviously has a love for music, as he spends most mornings happily dancing (sometimes to no music) for us before going to school. Now if only we could put a dampner on that shriek...

I am now one week away from finishing my teaching practise. Although I had to take leave from work to be able to do this, I have found myself being swamped with work and school work, and have had very little time to do anything else. I have enjoyed it though, and am keen to see what the results of this experience will be.

April promises to bring a sense of normalcy back into my life - something I'm quite looking forward to. Before then though, we have quite a weekend ahead, celebrating Ethan's 1st birthday, so I'm sure it won't be as long before I blog again. At least, I hope not!

ps. I'm really struggling to load photos onto this post. The video took 2 days to get right! I'll add some pics when I am able to.


  1. so glad you're back! Zac is just too cute - love that crawling style. Will be up and walking before you know it.

  2. With a crawl like that, forget Michelin Man...he's going to be a Military Man!