Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mommies' Pamper Party

In celebration of our motherhood - and as a good excuse to get together and relax for a bit - my sister Ashleigh and I hosted a little pamper party for our sisters, mom and local-living aunts last Saturday.

It was a beautiful autumn day, there was a selection of teas and muffins on offer, we were minus our children (who were being looked after by uncle Andel and Papu - yes, all of them), and we had Romy to work our feet and faces while we enjoyed some girl time over lunch - what wasn't there to enjoy?

A selection of tea and muffins for the morning

 My mom getting her eyebrows waxed

Dom and aunty Heidi looking on in amazement - or horror?

Dom's turn, and she's thoroughly enjoying the set up

Quality control? Or wondering about her kids?

The finished products...
(Can you guess who the feet belong to?)

Adventurous Auburn

Racy Red

Glamorous Grey

Lovely Lilac

Sole-ful Sangria

Like my aunty Heidi put so well, "When you've laughed and cried and loved and hated and skinnered and advised and passed comment on, and, and, and.... all within a 4 hour period... then you know you've spent time with people you love. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon"

If this is a benefit of motherhood, I can't wait for more of these!

ps. The feet (in order of appearance) belong to: Heidi, Bonita, Dominique, Robyn and Ashleigh :)


  1. Love this! The cutest! I'm gonna plan one of these for my birthday :)

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