Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Zac Turns 1!

As a child growing up, I remember getting birthday cards and notes from my mom that always started with something like "x years ago, on a night like this, I was waiting for you to arrive...". I never quite understood the nostalgia - until now. I guess as a mother you can't help but recall the events of your child's birth day, and in that regard, I suppose this apple hasn't fallen far from the tree!

Dear Zac, my almost 1-year-old boy...

When I think back to last year, just before you were born, I can't believe that it's only been a year since you came into the world - demanding its attention, and making your presence known. You haven't really changed much...

You're adventurous and entirely fearless. You trust implicitly and seem to believe in the impossible. You see no boundaries, and regularly test the reaction time of your guardian angels (and your parents!). You're constantly smiling - from the moment you open your eyes in the morning, to when they reluctantly close at night. You're smart and fascinated by the world, and never seem to tire exploring it. Most of all though, you're the epitome of love: you're a reminder of God's love, a product of our love, and a source of such unconditional love. Your generous hugs and kisses fill my arms with your sweet scented cuddles, and my heart to overflowing!

I'm so thankful for all the lessons you've taught us this year, and all the blessings you've brought us simply being part of our world.

We desire so many things for you: continued joy and happiness; health and abundant life; opportunities and favour over all your dreams. Most of all though, we wish you a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father who loves you even more than we do, and who created you in His beautiful image. To live your whole life for and with Him has a reward greater than your mind can imagine or your heart can handle.

You make us such proud parents, and I'm so blessed to be called your mommy. I look forward to each day I get to spend on this exhilarating journey that is, mothering you.

I love you endlessly my sweet, precious, beautiful boy.

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  1. wishing Zac God's richest blessings, and you and Andel, today and always!