Thursday, 30 July 2015

A Photo Story

Four months ago today, we met our beautiful Sam Blake, and had the privilege of having Kim van Wyk, a budding birth photographer, capture the most special moments of his birth.

I meant to post this - or something like it - ages ago already, but I'm really retarded with these video making apps, so it took a while.

It's still not done (I've yet to figure out how exactly to edit this), but I thought it was time to share some of it at least. Not only is it a precious reminder of a miracle occasion, it's also a great opportunity to showcase Kim's work.

Thank you Kim for the gift of these pictures. To the rest of you: watch and enjoy xx

(Music: "The Father's Song" by Matt Redman)


  1. Beautiful! What a wonderful keepsake.

  2. Oh, Hello Birth Photography doing what they do best - making memories