Monday, 14 September 2015

No Kisses Mommy

Those were Zac's parting words to me as I left for work this morning.

When he started along the lines of "kiss Sammy, not me" last week, I truly thought he was taking the mick. I mean isn't cuddling and kissing their mommies one of the things baby boys like best? But then he's not a baby anymore, is he? It was like one day we were all wrapped up in each other, with multiple lingering goodbye hugs and kisses, and the next day he was over it.

So I sit here asking myself: When did Zac grow up that much? Are we really here, already?
I knew having a second child would mean Zac would suddenly seem big, still I must admit, I've not been prepared for all the growth and development that's taken place.

Of my two boys Zac was definitely the more affectionate, simply because I'm pretty sure his love language is Physical Touch. He would snuggle up next to me, nestle his freezing cold feet between my thighs (what do you know - big thighs are good for something), and navigate his hands all over my face and neck as if to memorise every one of my features. When he struggled to go to sleep as a toddler he would grab my hand, place it on his naked belly and say, "tickle Mommy" - and  I would tickle until he fell asleep. These days though, the bear hugs and sloppy kisses seem to have been replaced with big boy requests. I now have to tackle/be tackled (I blame Andel for teaching him that from birth) or chase him up and down the passage as he laughs and shouts "catch me Mommy".

He is also boasting a growing vocabulary. Never mind that he is trying to speak Afrikaans and Spanish (courtesy of Duolingo - check it out, it's free), his reasoning in conversation is something else. Just last night he accompanied Andel to make a quick delivery. Apparently as they stopped at the shop on the way home to buy me a treat Andel realised he'd forgotten his wallet at home and told Zac they'd have to come back another time. Do you know what Zac said? He said, "don't worry Anno. I got money in my room. We fetch it then we come back." And when he got home - much to his father's surprise - he found a 10c on the floor in his room, ran back to the car and shouted, "come Anno, we go now".

Between playing Mary Had A Little Lamb on the piano (I kid you not - we nearly fainted), and starting to read sign posts, there's no doubt that this boy is growing up. Fast. It excites me, this new adventure. And it makes my heart swell with pride and affection.

I sure will miss those morning kisses though...

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