Tuesday, 2 May 2017

#catchup: CT Cycle Tour Juniors

I have recently drawn the conclusion that, based on the number of incomplete posts I have in my drafts here, I'm going to have to do some #catchup posts in which, although the information is literally months old, I can still post it on the blog without anyone missing it (which is what would happen if I slotted it into the correct time sequence).

Below is a photo update of CT Cycle Tour Juniors which, as it turned out, was the only CT event this year. As usual, the kids were super keen to participate, and eagerly dressed up in superhero regalia in keep with this year's theme. We had a record 8 Hendricks/Klaasen origin kids (and far too few adults to supervise them), but still managed to have a great time!

In the bus on the way to the event

Penny Bear, Zac's class teddy, race ready

It may have been a little early for these racers who went first

They held hands the entire way!

Jellyfish (in utero) and I got exercise too

Impatiently waiting for his race

Chuffed with her medal

All ready at the start line, on any and every type of wheels

Ready, Set, Go!

Penny Bear in tow

Some of the festivities at the event

A mandatory post-race (and lunch) ice cream en route home

Ice Cream happiness!

What a day! As chaotic as it always is, it's also always a lot of fun. And next year will be the real test - when we have a child in every age group!

ps. Jorja was also there, but not present for many photos as she was exploring with Lexi and Gabby, and raced on her own, without a co-pilot or photographer!

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