Monday, 12 March 2012

Babies and Bicycles

I have come to the conclusion that this pregnant woman cannot multi-task - at least, not when it comes to doing assignments and blogging simultaneously! So, my apologies, once again!

Consider this a highlights package of the last month:

1. Ashleigh and duPie's Babyshower

On Saturday, 18 February, we arranged a not-so-surprise babyshower for Ashleigh and duPie at our good friend, Tracy's house. Following a leisurely brunch out, I had the near impossible task of getting rid of Ashleigh long enough to set everything up!

All the ladies (and babies) celebrating with Ash

Yummy snacks - 90% homemade too! ;)

The 'old wives' Section

Ash getting into the swing of things

We had a lovely afternoon: Ashleigh's and duPie were spoilt rotten. The food was fantastic (thank you to PJ who arranged the chilli poppers - all the preggie bellies were most grateful), the gifts all gorgeous, and the company most complimentary.

Megan, Ash's school friend: due April

Noleen: due June

Ilana: due July

We thought for sure that duPie would be arriving the following week, but even as I write this, duPie has not yet made his/her grand appearance...

Jorja rehearsing her big sister duties

2. Andel's 1st Argus
In December last year, Andel made the (appearingly daft) decision to buy a mountain bike when a friend of ours, Brendan, bought his. Given the time of year, I paid my part, and called it a Christmas present. I'm not sure I ever really thought he would do much cycling though - most certainly not the Argus! But during his month-long leave in February, Andel declared that he'd be doing the Argus - a mere one month prior to the 110km race!

I think Andel may have done 10 rides - if that - to prepare. However, yesterday morning at 05h30, Andel was ready in his Virgin Active sponsored kit, camelbak packed and forcing down his nerves and Pronutro.

05h30: the breakfast of champions

06h00: all set, and ready to go

Andel and Brendan at the start

I managed to get a glimpse of the guys on Edinburgh drive, about 30 minutes into the race, and then again at the bottom of Suikerbossie, about an hour or so from the end. Much to my surprise and delight, on both occasions they looked strong and comfortable. Certainly more so that I who was standing in the sweltering heat with a very swollen belly!

Some 70-odd km into the race

Andel says the race was tough. He completed it in 7 hours - which was by far the longest he had been on a bike. Ever. But what an achievement! He and Brendan completed the race, with no training, under extremely hot conditions, and finished together!

Brendan, Nurr and Andel back home after the race
(they don't look tired at all, do they?)

Of course, I can't mention the Argus Cycle Tour without a brief mention of the man who got us all started in the beginning. This year could've been such a sad experience for us all, remembering that Gramps Ikey, our favourite cyclist, was riding in a race none of us would be able to watch. But Andel's achievement seems to have warmed everyone heart, and definitely put a smile on everyone's face - Gramps' too, I'm sure.

And no one was more proud than me... the new cycle WAG! :)

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