Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Perks (and pains) of Pregnancy

According to those in the pregnancy know, I've had a dead easy pregnancy so far:

I've had no morning sickness, I lost weight in my first trimester, and I've hardly shown at all (until now, that is). My hair is long and shiny, and while I didn't style or blow dry my hair before (although perhaps I should have), I now don't have to! I have healthy and clear skin and nails. My previously (just about) B-cup breasts are now an attractive C-cup (something I have waited my whole life for), and my child-bearing hips are, well, finally bearing a child, making them look far more proportional than before! It seems pregnancy has done for me what no diet, fad or make over ever could!

Between you and me though, it's not been quite all that glamourous: that same lushious hair tends to grow too fast, in all the wrong places (I have never had to shave so often in my life!), and those long awaited C-cup breasts can be heavy and rather uncomfortable (thank heaven for maternity bras, however unflattering). Just recently, after much prompting by mothers before me, I earnestly started my Stretch-mark Survival regime, covering my baby bump with Vitamin E oil two or three times a day encouraging elasticity in my skin to beat the bulge. While I understand the logic (and totally get the benefit of starting early), most days I just feel like a deep-fried samoosa!

I realise I can't really be arsed (pardon my language) about all these cosmetics. Easy pregnancy or not, I reckon all these changes are a small price to pay for all the miraculous happenings going on in the womb-world right now. I currently have a daily (nightly) dose of Peanut's movements. I already know that s/he must really like (or hate) music because when I'm at band rehearsal or leading worship at church - regardless of routine - Peanut comes out to play. And I'm convinced that Peanut knows Andel's voice, because when he talks to my belly, s/he moves every time.

Yes, none of my shorts, skirts or trousers can close, I struggle to sleep, and I've gone without sushi for 155 days. It's true that, thanks to the recent heatwave, my fingers and toes look like pork sausages, and I can hardly climb a flight of stairs without breaking into a mild shine. So, I admit, I can't stand for long periods, my back sometimes cramps, and my bladder is constantly under pressure. But so what?

In 4 short months, I'm going to be a mama! :)


  1. and nothing beats being a mama! glad everything is going so well.

  2. You're right - Fiona Shrek toes, elasticated clothes and all butter biscuit-induced stretch marks are a small price to pay for this miracle. Mind you, a samoosa wouldn't be bad right now...