Sunday, 26 August 2012

Photo Update: Bellana

Bright and early on Thursday 9th August we left on what is now an annual family holiday. Usually we rough it out in a mountain cottage on the Bainskloof Pass. This year, however, with two new(ish) babies, we thought it best to go somewhere a little more kitted out, so to speak - and what a good spot Papu found: a beautiful house in Betty's Bay, warm, cosy and overlooking the ocean. Even though it was still pretty cold, we all had a pretty good time - as I'm sure you'll be able to see in the pics below.

(these are only some of the 200+ photographs that were taken!)

Packed and ready to go
No chance of us fitting in one car anymore!

Jorja doing the rounds, all cosy and warm

Ethan decided to nap while waiting for Yaya

Bellana: the beautiful view on the balcony

Zac loves his Daddy's singing
Jorja trying out any and every hiding spot
An added service: the babysitters club
Jorja's precious playtime with her Mama

One half of the breakfast table

No outing with Papu would be complete without a braai!

Natasha in babysitting training
I'm not sure there are many tables we can all fit comfortably around anymore

Can you imagine what each grandchild must be thinking?

Papu and Yaya couldn't have known what they were starting when they first sang 'Jersulam' to Zac - he loves it so much, they now constantly have to sing it to him! :)

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  1. looks like the perfect weekend away! thanks for sharing.