Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hanging in There (just about!)

Being at a boys school must be rubbing off on me. Despite having unlimited Internet access, and a fair amount of free time, I have simply not been able to multitask the demands of student life, family responsibilities, and consistent blogging. Sigh.

It's been a rough few weeks. After having one car broken into in April (in which the entire door was taken off the car), a month or so later the battery in our other car died unexpectedly one morning (outside Yaya's house, on the way to work), and then this month Andel was caught in the middle of a pile up resulting in a lot of damage, and us having to share a car.

I'm also just a little tired and a little overworked. My body certainly seems to be protesting my constant activity, and begging me to rest. In fact, it seems that, in spite of my hard-fought resistance, this is battle I'm beginning to lose - starting with a fire-hot scratch in my throat that leaves me voiceless in the morning, and refuses to be soothed.

(Andel is very concerned about this: not only does it coincide with my teaching practice - which, according to my supervising educational facility, does not afford me the privilege of sick leave - more importantly, in my my other job (the role of mother) I don't quality for this benefit at all. As he reminded me last night, I "haven't been sick once since Zac was born; please don't start now".)

Fortunately teaching here at Wynberg Boys High School is very pleasant. It's so cleverly run, and productive. I'm really enjoying my time here. Except for this one small thing. There is a fellow student teacher who talks quite a bit. She insists on chatting to me every opportunity she gets (which is at least four or five times a day). She talks and talks and talks. About everything. Continuously.
I'm sure, being a young student she's just very enthusiastic. Still, at the end of the school day even my ears are exhausted!

Thankfully, through all of this, while I  may have lost my mind some, I have not yet lost my sense of humour, and I am hanging in there. Just about!

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  1. Just stay strong, all this too will pass! Hugs and kisses.