Friday, 5 July 2013

Knysna Cycle Tour Weekend - Photo Update

It's Friday morning, and as I'm painstakingly loading these pics (one at a time, because that's the only way they'll load) I'm thinking back to last week, and our extended weekend along the Garden Route for the Knysna Cycle Tour.

On Friday morning, way before the sun came up, 8 adults, 4 children, 4 bicycles, 2 cars and a trailer set off from Newmans Avenue along the N2 towards Victoria Bay. Annie and Natasha had decided not to come - Annie to fulfill some dancing commitments and 'avoid family drama', and Natasha in favour of a weekend away with her friend. In their place, we got Brendan, (originally) my friend, (now also) Andel's cycling partner, and a fast-becoming fully fledged member of the extended Hendricks family.

Getting packed
All bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, at 05h00 in the morning!
The newbie gets to do the work
So how long is this trip supposed to take?
Breakfast at Wimpy in Heidelberg
"Hey Pinky, are you thinking what I'm thinking? ..."

We arrived at Carmel in Victoria Bay just before noon. Once we'd checked in and unpacked, we all snuggled into the green bus, and head to Knysna to allow the Andel, Brendan, Pops and Ash to register for their race - and to stock up on supplies for the weekend.

Our home for the weekend
When the boys aren't close Jorj still gets a carry

I'll wait here in the car with my Yaya, thanks
Ethan has the same idea - wake me when we're moved in
More than enough room for this brood

The exquisite view over Victoria Bay

On Saturday, after a late and lazy breakfast, we took a drive into George before returning to enjoy the facilities at Carmel. We spent the afternoon on the tennis court and in the park, enjoying the warm winter sun and beautiful surroundings.

Jorja and I making breakfast for the famiglia
Matthew practicing rolling over, while waiting for breakfast
Tennis doubles: PJ and Brendan vs. Papu and Andel
Aunty Dom teaching Ethan how to see-saw
Yaya and Matthew enjoying some sun

Jorja and Ethan baking tea-time treats in the sand
Don't mind me - I'm just going to enjoy my bottle so long
Where's he? There he is!
That tennis must have been really exhausting!

Sunday morning for the cyclists started with a healthy breakfast and some possibly not-so-healthy concoctions. By 07h00 they were on the road to Knysna. The rest of us were left with a child each (all 4 years old or younger), house in disarray, and nursery rhyme dvd on repeat. I think we spent most of the morning trying to protect Matthew from some rather rough hugs and kisses from Ethan and Zac! We later drove down to Knysna and were able to catch Pops and Ash on the road just before they finished. In celebration of a really good race for everyone, we threw a braai feast!
(Even the most ardent red-meat fan experienced the effects of a slight hangover the next day!)

Ash eating the breakfast of champions

Of course Zac had to wake up to say goodbye
As did Ethan...
... and Matthew...
... and Jorja!
Ready to ride
Taking the kids on a stroll to pass some time
Like father like son!
Babysitter in training

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Where'd everyone go?
When all else fails - resort to interactive edutainment *blush*
Ash and Papu on the home-straight
 So proud of their Mommy; even happier to see her!
Is this where Daddy was all morning?!
 Our champion cyclists - team JABA
(and boy do they!)
Preparing the post-race feast
Rob and Dom cycle?! Imagine!

On Monday, after a tractor ride and some breakfast, we packed up and started on the journey home.

Two mommies and three nervous kiddies board the tractor
Feeding the ducks and geese
Picnic takeaways for lunch on the road

It was rather sad to be leaving so soon, where there was still so much to do and see, but we had a good time, and I'm sure we'll be back there next year!

PJ wondering if we have to bring Bren back :)


  1. The pics are lovely! looks like you guys had a fantastic time away. xx

  2. love the 'Rob and Dom cycle?' picture! All look so lovely and happy. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a really good family weekend away!