Friday, 10 January 2014

Christmas Wrap Up

Instead of giving you the whole Christmas account in text, I thought, this year, I'd stick to pics and captions to give you the story!

This year the Christmas tree had to go somewhere little hands could not reach, even when balancing on little toes. We also had to pack gifts into bags under the tree to avoid any going missing, or being opened prematurely!

 Christmas Eve dinner in Grabouw, and this year I really had to make the lamb (last year I got Tarrin's mom to do it for us). Dinner was only at 22h30, and some people (thankfully) never made it.

 Dinner time!

 Every year, Jason and Lexi can't contain themselves as they wait for midnight when they can open their gifts. This year, dinner was later than usual, so by the time they finished eating, it was already past midnight!

 Meanwhile, Zac was none the wiser...

 ... and Gabbi was fast asleep (unlike last year)

 We did Secret Santa in Grabouw this Christmas too, so everyone was pretty anxious about how it was going to work out.

 In the end, though, the kids always win!

 Lexi got exactly what she wanted from  her aunty B

 But then, Lotter was pretty chuffed with his gift too...

 As was Bernil...

 And Jason!

 It was a pretty successful Secret Santa, I'd say

 Then on Christmas morning, Zac got to open his gift. The poor thing didn't have a clue what was happening, or why he'd received presents.

I had to open it for him before he took any interest.

 But once it was opened and assembled, he was perfectly happy to play.

 And took only a short break for a quick breakfast.

 Gabbi, who had opened one present before going to bed on Christmas Eve, was happy to find she had more. Those Klaasen kids are obviously better trained when it comes to presents! :)

 See, once again, Zac doesn't have a clue!

After lunch we went to Papu and Yaya's house. I don't know if it's the madness that accompanies a visit there, but Zac was instantly more 'interested' in Christmas, and even posed for a smile.

 We also tried a family photo...

 (this was about the best we could come up with)

 Perhaps the photographers weren't taking their role seriously enough.

 Nana, Gramps and uncle Quentin were also in attendance so it was really house full!
 One of the presents Jorja got was a brand new bike. Which she rode in wearing her brand new sandals - much to her mother's horror!

 Big smiles as Natasha opens all her gifts.

Matthew decided to take Zac and Ethan's bikes for a spin while they weren't looking.

 Annie opening her gifts. I think I have a pic of her smiling like this in every Christmas blog entry!

 Jorja opening her gifts amidst the madness.

Just a glimpse of the chaos that is opening gifts on Christmas day. At this point Jorja was opening her blackboard and chalk, Ethan was doing doughnuts on his new bike (on Papu and Yaya's polished floor), and everyone was talking so much, we could hardly follow whose turn it was to open gifts.

 Ash got some much wanted clothing items in Secret Santa this year. Once again, Andel bought for her...

 ... and she bought cycling gear and a body-warmer for him.

 Papu, who know officially owns the title of "most difficult recipient" got the tool set he wanted, from PJ (who was very nervous about having bought for Pops)

 Nobody loves, or gets more excited about, receiving gifts than PJ!

 He got a Chelsea FC top from Dom

Dom got a little goodie bag from Yaya which included some new-teacher essentials, and some pretty cool gift vouchers.

And, in a poll conducted amongst ourselves, right after the gift exchanged, it was decided that Yaya got the coolest gift of the day. From me!

 Yaya was so happy to find out that, instead of receiving a few books as she requested, she got a brand new Kindle!

 Once again, I was last to receive my gift, because for the 3rd year running, the (same) giver has a long story about how he lost the list etc. etc. Well, Papu still did a good job: I got a wok and some cake decorating goodies. All I need now is a new kitchen!

How many shots does it take to get a decent pic? Too many! But still fun!

 Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas if the boys didn't get to eat Papu's famous trifle.

 Don't mess with this little biker - with personalised 'plates, thanks to aunty Dom.

 The cake table for tea. We were joined later by the Ebrahims, Brendan and Garth (Dom's new 'friend'). Somehow though, we just don't have any pics of any of them!

Our Christmas tree, after Christmas, with all the gifts that we received. What a lucky bunch we are!

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  1. Definitely a lucky bunch! And so deserving of all the love!