Friday, 3 January 2014

Andel Goes to Hospital

On the morning of Tuesday 10th December, our household woke really early, and began a morning of activity that culminated in admitting Andel to hospital.

About two weeks earlier, Andel had gone for a check up on his shoulder. Following a subjuxation (popping out and back in) thanks to a rather rough tackle on the rugby field in August, it had been bothering him for some time. The result of that check up was that he had to have surgery to repair the torn ligaments and re-establish some stability in the joint. And (according to Andel, anyway) the best time to fix that was December (I was not convinced, by the way) - after Die Burger Cycle Tour, and with enough time to recover for The Argus Cycle Tour in March.

So Andel went to hospital - quite nervously, I might add! He was admitted at 08h00, and after lots of forms, tests and questions (shame, it was his first time as a hospital patient), I accompanied him into theatre, before leaving him in the safe hands of the surgeon and his wife (the anaethetist).

The operation went very well, still Andel had to stay overnight, so he insisted that Zac come visit (not the best idea - I blame it on the meds), and I spent all of visiting hour running after an 18 month old who obviously remembered his own visit to Constantiaberg and was very much at home roaming around.

Since then, things have been.... interesting. For nearly three weeks (over Christmas!) Andel was unable to use his right arm at all. Which meant I did everything - from washing (clothes, dishes, Zac and sometimes Andel) to driving - and Zac was not always happy with that arrangement! But we made it! Andel has been given the go ahead to resume most activities, and will hopefully begin rehab next month, after his check up.

In the meantime, while Andel is dying to get back out on the bike again, Zac and I are trying to take advantage of the extra time we have with him at home. For now.

(this was written in December, but I have been waiting - and continue to wait - for Andel to send me the pics... perhaps this pic-less post will hurry that along!)

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