Monday, 24 March 2014

Yes, I'm a Mom and I happen to have a Tattoo...

There's a blog that I follow quite a bit, written by a woman I rather like and admire, despite never having spoken to her, even though we attend the same Mama and Munchkins group with our kids (that's a-whole-nother blog post right there). The blog currently has this feature "I'm a Mom with Tattoos". It's been interesting to read. While these days having some ink is not as big a deal as it was before, it's still quite something to have/be a mom with a tat. Or a piercing. Or in my case, both.

So, without completely stealing her idea (I don't intend to do a weekly segment on this), here is my story about my ink..

Last year, for my 30th birthday, I got a text tattoo on my forearm that says "Soli Deo Gloria" - Latin for "Glory to God alone". It's a twofold reminder for me that (a) everything that I do/say/am should bring God glory, and (b) all things - good and bad - work for His glory. I actually wanted a small wrist tattoo, but according to tattoo etiquette, wrist tattoos need to face outwards (for the reader to read), so given that it was more of a personal thing for me, upon the advice of the tattoo artist, we made it bigger (eek!) and moved it up the arm. It was a really good experience - the tattoo artist (who is one of the best in the country) was really great. And I had Dom with me for moral support. And no, it wasn't sore, at all!

Delighted disbelief - I was convinced it was going hurt more!

Surprisingly, the general response has been quite good. My family appreciate the significance and beauty (although I don't think they'll go suggesting everyone get one), and my colleagues were mostly surprised because my personality is more straight-laced (although I do have a tongue piercing that I've had for 12 years). I think I was the most freaked out about it. I have wanted this tattoo for the last two years at least, so I was at peace about getting it, I was just totally thrown by the change in size and position, which made it more visible to all. It was ironic though: I mean, how can I want to give glory to God even though my tat, and then not want it visible? It (the change) has since grown on me, and I like that I have a story.

The final product

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