Monday, 24 March 2014

River Deep, Mountain High - Bainskloof Weekend

It's rainy Monday in Cape Town, and it's almost impossible to believe that for the last three days we've been enjoying rocks, rivers and really good weather.

On Friday morning we set off on our annual weekend away, this time with newest (self-added) family member (Brendan) and significant others (Brendan's and  Dom's) in tow. After three years, we decided it was safe to head back to the mountain cottage in Bainskloof without losing our minds trying not to lose our children.

We arrived in Wellington and enjoyed breakfast at the local Spur (following a short detour to Newton to collect set of keys #2, after we forgot to collect set of keys #1 in Cape Town). While we all enjoyed the breakfast and company - not to mention the Michael Franks music - I can officially state that there is no restaurant available to seat our entire brood in one booth. Thanks to our growing numbers (and Annie wasn't even with us this time because she had to teach her dance class on Saturday), we take up about half the space in any facility!

Hungry anyone?

Singing along to Michael Franks

Why pose for a photo when I can drink a fruit shake?

We got to Bainskloof a little before noon (after a few more shopping related stops in Wellington), and it was hot! Setting up home took a little longer than we anticipated, what with all the bags, children and groceries (did I mention children?), but after that we were met with the yummiest quiches for lunch - it was worth the wait!

Rustic Coaton Cottage... the top of the Bains Kloof Pass

To take advantage of the gorgeous weather (which we usually miss out on because we visit in the winter), we spent the rest of the afternoon at the river. You'd be forgiven for thinking that there was some mass baptism going on: 10 adults, 2 children and 3 toddlers in a river is not something you see everyday!

Ash having some fun in the sun with her son

A VERY rare pic of Ash and PJ (he hates pics!)

Garth and the boys were reluctant at first

Papu and Matthew decided to give it a miss altogether

Brendan and Bronwen
The mass baptism I mentioned earlier

Upon our return to 'camp' we just relaxed for the rest of the day - napping, eating, chatting and laughing. And so it continued for the rest of the weekend. By Sunday even Bronwen and Garth seemed like part of the famiglia, and thankfully showed no ill-effects of over-exposure to the kids, their screaming, and the general craziness of the Hendricks+ bunch.

Spur Burger Braai

Dom and her non-boyfriend, Garth

PJ instructing Bren on how to make breakfast

The boys getting up to mischief

While Princess Jorja looks over her minions

Brendan and Bronwen making breakfast

Zac setting the table

The breakfast of champions, yum yum!

"No, Mom, I do not need you help. I can do it myself"

Is any camp-out complete without a potjie?

Dom and Garth preparing the braai

Yaya in her happy place, dancing in the kitchen

Good, wholesome braai - even Prof Noakes would approve

Papu taking a much-needed moment to himself

Andel serious about doing his shoulder rehab

Good ol' dumpies (is that how you spell it?)

These next four pics were taken within seconds of each other - 
just to show you what the children were up to at any given moment...

Proof that Matthew does throw tantrums

Ethan watching Finding Nemo on the ipad

Zac reading his book, trying to look obedient

Jorja trying to break free from the boys!

I think some of us (the mommies, in particular) could have done with a little more rest, but overall, it was a good weekend - definitely one to be repeated. Next year maybe!

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  1. Beautiful holiday pics! Think I need one of those holidays.