Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Adjusting to Life with a Baby... Again

I was recently telling someone how my life has become this series of one clothe-washing/nappy-changing/dish-cleaning/breast-feeding activity after the other. And so, while it's not that I haven't had anything to say these past few weeks, I simply have not got round to jotting it down here. Is it not the craziest thing that while I was working full time, I had more time to blog than I do since being home all day, every day?

So, I think we're slowly getting into the swing of things since Sam's arrival. At least, I'm able to make it out of bed, shower (most days), and even get out of the house when I need to. We haven't gone hungry (yet), and somehow, despite the mess, we can still navigate our way around the house. One would think that, second time around, I wouldn't find the adjustment quite so disarming (or at least be better prepared for it), but the truth is, we forget.

In no particular order here are some of the best (and worst) baby adjustments I'd forgotten about:

Baby poo. Specifically breastfed-baby poo. That sweet, sweaty smell may be the death of me, I love it that much. Except when it's stained everything, including clothing, bedding and changing mat, yellow. Then I don't like it as much.

Personal hygiene. I'm the kind who can't go to bed with dirty feet. Just two weeks ago as I was coming down with some hectic infection one night, I got out of bed and into the shower because my hair felt too dirty to sleep in. And yet, having a newborn inevitably means that you will wash less. Ironic that it's probably one of the times you want to wash more (in case you forget about the things your body goes through post birth, you can refresh you memory here), and yet, you simply get used to having the smell of spit up milk linger on you.

Nappy Changing. I'll shamefully admit that because I last changed nappies at the end of last year, with 6 hour intervals, Sam may have worn his nappies a little too long those first few days. Just so you know, babies need an average of 6 - 8 nappy changes per day, and I'm back onto that.

Sleep! This may seem like a no-brainer, but I'm not going to comment on the lack of sleep. I have actually been extremely fortunate to have a baby who only wakes once during the night, so I'm not going to complain. However, I have not always been able to nap with Sam during the day as I should (I blame having a husband and a toddler), and so when I've been exhausted, I have on more than one occasion, slept sitting up.

Bags. Who knew you need so many?! It's impossible for me to leave the house without at least two. And then some days I also have lunchbox cooler bag, carseat and carrycot too!

Psychosis. In the best way. I can waste HOURS looking at a sleeping Sam or Zac. I marvel at their tiny (or in Zac's case: not so tiny) features, breathe in their unique scent, and find comfort in the slow rise and fall of their chests.

The truth is: adjusting to life as a mom of two kids has been probably the most challenging thing I've done to date (I'm told that having subsequent children is easier, and I'm counting on that to persuade Andel to have some more of these monkeys). Two kids are double the responsibility with half the time. But they are also exponentially more love and laughter.

So yes, I'm constantly exhausted and hungry, walking around in my pyjamas, and in desperate need of some serious grooming. And still, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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