Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Family Photo Shoot: Take Two

This past weekend, after managing to land a pretty sweet deal, Andel and I took the boys for our first family-of-four photo shoot. I think it's safe to say that we're not really photo people. Between my lack of grooming and Zac's "no photos please" we tend to stay behind the lens rather than in front of it. Anyway, because we had done a family photo shoot with Zac when he was six months old, we decided to do the same with Sam.

Now unless the years have made my memory a little hazy, I seem to recall that things went pretty smoothly with Zac. It was a lovely afternoon, he was super cooperative, and we got some great pics. Not quite like this time...

When we arrived at the photographer's house both boys were asleep. Usually we welcome a well-timed corporate nap, but considering it was 10h00 in the morning, we had not planned for this one. Zac in particular is a very sensitive riser and does not like to be woken up, so when I carried him inside and he continued sleeping, I was getting worried. Thankfully, after some gentle rousing, he opened his eyes without any tears or tantrums. However, he was still in no mood to take photos.

So we spent the first half of the shoot taking pics of Sam who was all too happy to show his dimples off. Naomi has some great props and ideas, and a few times I found myself sitting back and 'taking pictures with my eyes', trying to etch the images into my memory.

And that was the end of the peace, because after that Zac decided he wanted in on the action, and proceeded to terrorise the poor photographer. When we'd ask him to hold Sam, he'd put him in a neck lock. When we'd ask him to pose on the rocking horse, he'd go all Bucking Bronco on us. When Naomi asked Andel to blow some bubbles around Sam, Zac jumped into every shot trying to catch them. It was tiring, to say the least.

Still, I guess we had fun anyway. We've started really enjoying these little adventures we find ourselves in, just the four of us, and we're learning that, with two independent and thrill-seeking boys, if nothing else, life will never be boring!

We're due to see some pics over the next two weeks. Hopefully there's something print-worthy in the lot!

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