Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Well That Was A First...

Last night turned out to be a rather unusual one for us, and one I'd rather not repeat. Ever.

Being a Tuesday, Andel was off for the morning so we had scheduled Sam an appointment with the paediatrician for his vaccinations. None of my boys have ever experienced vaccination side effects (other than perhaps enjoying a good nap after) so I thought it would be a relatively easy afternoon still. Not quite.

Sam was a trooper at the doctor. He laughed through his first injection, and only realised on the second one that he was in some pain. After a two minute sniffle in the waiting room, we left and he was happy. He even fell asleep in the car on the way home. Zac was equally well behaved, and also napped.

Then Andel went to work, and it appears all hell broke lose after that.

Sam woke from his nap in a terrible mood, and proceeded to spend most of the afternoon screaming at me from his cot/playmat/chair. No matter what I tried, he would just not be comforted. In an attempt to get a change of scenery (and maintain a measure of sanity) I decided to go to the Waterfront with some of the family to watch the carols (it also happened to be the night my aunt and uncle were performing).

Now I generally struggle with Christmas in SA. It just doesn't feel like Christmas when it's so hot and sunny. And I know that's not what it's really about, I just think after last year, I've not really been feeling the Christmas spirit. But then, as I sat in the sunset, singing along to the good music, watching my kids - Sam on Yaya's lap and Zac sitting next to Nana - I was getting to it.

And then the next moment, Zac threw up. In the amphitheatre. All over himself. And me.

Zac has thrown up, maybe, once in his life, that I can remember - when we were on the cruise - so when I realised that he and I were both covered in vomit into our shoes, I did wonder for a moment if I was dreaming. No such luck. It was definitely a case of just putting one foot in front of the other and getting things done. I got Zac out of most of his clothes and shoes (thank heaven we'd had a spare top packed in), then Nana and the kind lady who was sitting next to us helped me clean up, first the area around us, then myself.

As tends to happen when we go to malls, at this point Yaya was MIA. So while Papu tried to locate her, Zac and I (only partially dressed and smelling rather sour) enjoyed the music until we could go home.

I wish I could say that was the end. Unfortunately for us, we've had much of the same overnight, and I have done three rounds of washing. But thank goodness, Sam has been cooperating, and Zac, although still very weak and lethargic, says he's done spitting for now.

As I write this, both boys are having a nap. Funny how the peace and quiet I so desperately craved just doesn't feel worth it now...

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  1. So glad that they are feeling better. It was so good to chat and laugh with both of them today.