Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Time I Went To Swimming With Zac

I love to swim. It's my favourite form of physical activity, and I couldn't be more comfortable in the water if I were born in it. But I don't remember learning to swim. I don't recall who taught me or how old I was. And I'm pretty sure I wasn't as young as three.

For the past year and a half Zac has been going to swim school. Granted, initially it was just water safety and getting used to having water in his face. Just last week, after a shortened school day courtesy of exams, I was invited to accompany him to his lesson, and I was amazed by the progress he is making.

Here are some pics...

Zac with Teacher Neelia

Practising his kicking

Swimming is some serious business!

Blowing bubbles into the water

Zac's backstroke is still VERY chilled

My super swimmer

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  1. Getting so big! Doing practise kicks and breathing in the bath? Looks so happy in the water. Next year - Sam!