Thursday, 30 March 2017

For Sam: Two Already?!

In keeping with my theme of trying to do a creative birthday post while not having to think of too many new ideas for it each year, here is my birthday post to Sam - based on the post I did for Zac on his second birthday.

Sam. You've been telling people you're two years old for such a long time already, I almost find the fact that you're only two years old today hard to believe myself! It has been both quick and long at the same time. You fit as though we were never anything but a family of four, and yet I can remember, in vivid detail, every moment of your entry into the world. And to help you remember, I decided, on this birthday, to take the opportunity to update you on you.

This morning when you woke up... I would already have been at school if we did not prompt you along by turning on the bedroom lights. And then you were in full birthday mode! I've never seen anyone more excited about a candle and a chocolate bunny. And you made us sing (and relight that candle) a couple of times, including one time to sing to Zac. You have definitely grasped more of the birthday concept than Zac could at this age - second child benefits, I suppose.

If I had to describe your personality in three words, I would use... Feisty. Loving. Fun. You are mischievous and adventurous, and you don't back down for anything or anyone. You know what you want, and aren't afraid to fight for it. But you have the biggest heart. You don't like people to be sad, and readily flash that killer smile and pucker up for kisses to make people feel better. You love to laugh, and constantly have dancing eyes. You're so much like your dad like that: super chilled to just take each day as it comes.

This birthday is significant to me because...  you're becoming a big boy, and come your next birthday you will be a big brother as well. You have never been overly affectionate, and in some ways are far more independent than Zac was at this age. However, I love how you snuggle up to me when you go to bed at night, and whisper a quick "love you" before nodding off to sleep. Long may these moments last!

You've developed so much over the last year... For a while there we were concerned that you didn't speak much. Little did we know about the verbal onslaught we were about to get. You have the cutest little lisp, and the attempt the most complicated sentences. You're big and strong - a total boys' boy - and you love playing with cars (or in cars). Even before you spoke, you would regularly be 'vroom-vroom-ing' your cars around the house. You love your brother, and are often found getting up to mischief with him.

I would describe your personal style as... a little farm-inspired. Forgive my description, it's just that you are practically always barefoot and walking around in shorts (even in the cold), and if you add to that a floppy hat over your dusty blond curls, I could easily imagine you working the farm somewhere. You are crazy about caps (you made such a fuss Aunty Dom and Garth once had to buy you the adult sized one you wanted instead of the kids one they were looking at), and love wearing sunglasses and other people's shoes.

Your favourite activities include... gallivanting with Papu in the bus, helping your dad clean or fix his bike, dancing to really loud music, and reading. You love books. Even when you were much younger you would bring them for me to read to you (these days you ask Zac, or make up your own story as you read them yourself). You enjoy brushing your teeth and swimming in the bath, and have joined Zac in (still) running fully clothed into the sea whenever we're all the beach.

If I could predict a future career based only on what I know about you right now, it would be...  professional cyclist or tour guide. You are obsessed with your dad's bike, and with Papu's bus. Without fail, when your dad arrives home from a ride, you hop on the bike and ride it through the house. You love wearing the helmet and playing with the pedals and chain (much to your father's horror, particularly when you do this the night before a race). If those don't work out, you could also model - you know just have to turn it on for the camera (when you feel like it).

You like to eat...  anything and everything. You are a human food vacuum with a bottomless pit for a belly. After being really great with veggies and healthy food, you've recently (I blame Papu's retirement) taken to luxuries and takeout. And you have this thing about eating Peanut Butter with a spoon...

You spend most of your spare time... (at the moment, anyway) scratching in the fridge. Just the other night you stood on a chair to get into the vegetable drawer, swiped the Steri-Stumpie your dad was hiding there, and finished half of it! And when you're not looking for food, you are getting ice-blocks to play hockey with. You also love Paw Patrol and Trolls - both your go-to options when you have tv time.

Your worst habits right now are...  throwing down your food (or whatever else you have in your hand) when you're unhappy about something, or hitting out when someone has upset you. I believe we have well and truly entered the 'terror-ific twos'.

Your best friends are... Adrienne, Papu and Garth - even though Papu and Garth are not actually your peers. I love watching you engage with Adrienne; how gentle you are with her when she sleeps or is trying to balance on her feet. And of course, you love your brother Zac. When you can't see him, you look for him, and never want to go anywhere without him. The bond you two have is something very special to see.

My favourite thing about you right now...  is how you still smell like baby. There's nothing better than cuddling close to you before you wake in the morning, and taking in a long, slow breath of your sweet, baby scent.

If money were no object, for your birthday I would have bought you...  a real bicycle! It doesn't bother you that your feet don't reach the peddles on a proper sized one; I know you would be perfectly happy pedaling back-and-forth repeatedly to make your way around.

The one thing I really want you to know today... is just how incredibly special you are. All of us - Zac, Dad and I - love you so much, and couldn't imagine this family without you. You add so much fun and laughter to our lives, and we love spending time with you. Things can be crazy and chaotic at times - whose life isn't - but we know that God has such plans for you, and we are trusting Him; that He will guide and direct us as we raise you to be all that He would have you be.

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  1. And we all love you too! Once again brilliantly put by you Robyn!