Monday, 3 April 2017

Sam's Picnic Party: Photo Update

We weren't planning on giving Sam a party. Andel is of the belief that at this young age, it's a proper waste of time. But then less than a week before his birthday, we suddenly realised that Sam very much knew what a birthday party was (a second child quality, for sure), and definitely wanted one of his own.

So, on the last minute, we invited family and some close friends to picnic with us in the park yesterday afternoon, after church. The timing coincided well with the end of the school term, and it seemed like the best low key and chilled out option for us. We simply had hot dogs and snacks for everyone, and prepared picnic boxes for the kids (yogurt and mango cups, cheese wedges, crisps, an iced biscuit, an ice bite and a take home cupcake).

It was a really lovely afternoon of fellowship and fun in the sun, only somewhat marred by the tumble Sam took just before the party giving him a shining red carpet burn on his nose!

Below are some pics of the day, thanks to Aunty Dom and Aunty Ash:

Uncle Ricardo's awesome cake

Picnic time!

Some of the goodies in the picnic party box

It's a little scary that this is mostly immediate family

The boys' circle

Birthday boy with the shiny nose

Madame Adrienne in doing a birthday dry run

The girls' gathering

Enjoying the sun and open space

Sharing some birthday cake

Big brother and chief party planner

Yaya and the kids

Enjoying the take home treat

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