Friday, 23 March 2018

Family Bucket List: Term 1

As we approach the end of the first quarter, here is how we are doing on our Family Bucket List for 2018:

Meeting Criteria:

Go - so far we are meeting bed times most days of the week (the kids more so than us though)
Ride - early in March the kids completed their first Junior CT Cycle Tour and are hooked, so Knysna may be next
Give Back - I have done a good emptying of all the cupboards at least once already, and made a couple baby packs for some teenage moms
Travel - we have set in motion our plans to travel this year, starting with applying for passports for Sam and Bayley
Visit - we are looking forward to a special Christmas visiting these precious people
Watch - we recently watched our first sunrise together, and it was a total hit
Be - if nothing else, we are aware of the need to be respectful (and are regularly reminded by the boys)
Limit - this is working well because Zac is finally able to understand the restrictions and make wise choices, and Sam just copies whatever he does
Start - we have made a point of praying together each morning before we leave the house, and it really is the highlight of my day

Room for Improvement:

Play - while we have been spending more time together, we have not really gotten the game playing part down yet
Read - bedtime is a bit of a rush (to get to bed by 20h00) so stories are not always happening then, but Zac is reading to us every afternoon if that counts
Eat - we have such good intentions here, but the boys love bread so it definitely needs better enforcement
Make - traditionally, I make the books for the children's first birthday, so I have time here, although I have already started getting content together
Cook - the plan is to do this while on holiday (I'm super excited for a white Christmas)
See - this is the first holiday coming up, so I have a date with the boys
Enjoy - the treats are probably happening more often than I would like, but at least the boys are being made to earn them
Share - we're good at saying warm goodbyes, but I reckon we can get better at giving purposeful, no reason hugs, just because
Practise - while I can't say we're at the point of not raising out voices quite yet, I am happy that at least we see (hear) this less often

Intervention and Remediation Required:

Try - we have not even thought of this, which is problematic as we are going into Winter, and I'm certainly not camping then
Explore - I am so desperate to do this, but how to do it while saving money and leave for an overseas trip is proving to be more difficult than I thought
Send - shamefully we have not sent a single postcard, despite Zac writing love notes all over the place, all the time
Create - I honestly don't know this will even happen unless I do it myself, and that is not likely
Do - procrastination is the thief of time, and despite regular planning to do prom walks and park runs we are yet to do one
Grow - in the midst of this drought, I'm not sure why I put this down when I can hardly keep any plant alive right now
Learn - we need to be more deliberate about this as so far the only things we've learnt about anything is when Zac teaches us what he's learnt at school

All in all, I'd like to think that we're making good progress. I'm even on track with my blogging goal!
Still, I realise that we need to maintain this momentum in order to tick everything of our list in time. Let's see how well we do next term.

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