Friday, 30 March 2018

Three Year Old Sam

In keeping with the pattern of birthday posts, this year I'm going to use the alphabet to tell you about your current self:

A is for Adrienne
I'm not sure there is anyone in the world you like more than Adrienne. It must be all the days you spent together at Papu's house; she's your favourite person. I was sad at us separating you into different schools this year, but am filled with such joy when I see your little reunions. I love how you run open-armed to each other shouting, "Adi!" "Sammy!", and smother one another in big, bear hugs.

B is for Bee-Bee
This is a very exciting time for us in this regard. When Bayley was born, I figured you would tandem feed; after all, Zac did too. Unlike him, though, you took tandem feeding to a level I could probably liken to having newborn twins! But - you have also maintained that you are going to stop nursing at three. And if you are anything like Zac (who said he'd stop on his birthday, and did, on that very day), the end may well be here.

C is for Chuckle
You have the most contagious giggle. When you find something funny - or are doing something you aren't supposed to - your laughter is both completely engaging and contagious. Your eyes narrow into little slits you can barely see through, and your dimples are displayed for all to admire. Hearing you express your happiness is one of my favourite sounds in the world.

D is for Dirty
I have never met a child more dirty child than you. I don't mean you have bad hygiene habits (that would be a poor reflection on me); I simply mean that you attract dirt. Regardless of what we do or where we go, at the end of each day, you are absolutely filthy.

E is for Eddie
Considering that you have never met Uncle Eddie in person, you have a unique and surprisingly great affinity for him. We can probably thank the wonders of modern technology for that. Whenever we Skype or Facetime to the Webers overseas, Eddie is the one you want to talk to, and he is the one you are most looking forward to meeting - over freshly baked cinnamon donuts, I'm sure!

F is for Fashion
I don't know who taught you this, but you know clothing brands and styles, and have a thing for accessories - always sporting caps and sunglasses! You are a fan of "adi-di-das", as you call it, and since inheriting some from Zac now have a pretty impressive selection of shoes.

G is for Griewelik
I looked for an English word for griewelik, but none seem to do it justice. You are 100% pure boy - mischief, adventure and fun!

H is for Hair
There has always been a fair amount of fascination with you hair. It started when you were born with a head of ginger hair. Not long after that it lightened to almost white before settling on a darker blonde. At the moment, your hair is also very long, and you have no plans to cut it. In fact, you would far rather tie your hair up in a ponytail (and you do) - like Adrienne.

I is for Intercessor
There is something about the way you pray that is both pure and powerful. It's clear that you know Who you are talking to, and that you are totally comfortable doing so. I particularly love how your prayers are mostly for others, and how your faith is evident in what you say and how you confidently end with, "A-men".

J is for Joy
There aren't many children I know who always have a smile on their face, but you, my boy, are one of them. You don't just smile; your whole face shines! Even when you wake up, you gleefully shout, "surprise", flash me your pearly whites, and embrace me in a warm hug. You make every morning easier just for being in it.

K is for Kit-Kat
This is your favourite chocolate. You regularly manipulate us by asking for one of these to get you to do something. Most recently, this has become your reward for a week of no potty-related incidents. The best thing about you and Kit-Kats though, is that you always share them with the rest of us.

L is for Lisp
I don't know how it is that people who lisp are usually people whose names have an 's' in them. It seems like a cruel form of punishment. Anyway, this seems to be the case with you too. It's quite cute right now, actually, but I won't lie: I do hope that you'll outgrow it.

M is for Mimic
Boy, you know just how to wind your brother up. Your favourite thing to do to annoy him is to copy everything he does or says (and you do it so well). You think it's hilarious! Another wonderful thing you do is pretend to be Dad. At least once a week I find you sweeping and scolding Zac, saying, "I'm Daddy".

N is for (No) Nappy
As with many of your other milestones, you have defied the boundaries of 'normal' and done things in your own sweet time - be that early or late. Toilet training is no different. Before the start of this year you regularly old me were never going to wear an underpants. I'm pleased to say that you now do - consistently during the day, at least.

O is for Orchestra
You have a love for music that extends to all instruments. You are equally happy banging on the drum (you have exceptionally good rhythm for this) as you are tinkling on the piano, whistling through the recorder or strumming on the guitar (that you play left-handed). You're a real little one-man band!

P is for Polite
You are wonderfully considerate of others, and display very good manners (the majority of the time, anyway). You remember your please and thank you, and live by the old adage that sharing is caring.

Q is for Quirky
There is something about you that is just a little off-beat. And it shows in your sense of humour. I love how you are able to draw smiles from any and every situation and person - even yourself - with witty words and clever comedic timing.

R is for Romantic
Ok, so romantic is a little grown up and strong; nevertheless, you are a real little love-bunny. You love to pick me flowers, and often randomly come up to tell me, very matter-of-factly, how much you love me. You thrive on physical touch, be it warm hugs, hair playing,  soft tickles or just being entwined with another warm-blooded human.

S is for School
This was probably our best idea - sending you to school. You were so excited to start at the beginning of this year, and it has made me confident that when you embark on formal schooling next year, you will be well prepared. You love the school and your teachers, and you have grown and matured so much since starting there.

T is for Threenager
I bet so far you think you've been the model child. Well, this will change your mind. As much as you are sweet and kind and pleasant to be around, you have a serious temper that, when exposed, usually is accompanied by a growl and a tantrum. I brace myself for this year of the Threenager with you!

U is for U2
The band U2 is not really music of your time, but thanks to iTunes automatically loading their 2014 album Songs of Innocence onto all devices, you are a fan. We are basically subject to their music at least three times a week. Coldplay too; you genuinely think that Chris Martin is a real friend of yours...

V is for Vehicles
You are car-crazy! At one point, you didn't know your colours, but you could look at the emblem of any car make and tell me who you know who has a car of that same make. You are the first to hop into the car with Papu, especially if it's the kombi or the bus, and we regularly find you in the garage pretend-driving the car.

W is for Water Baby
You started swimming lessons this year, and you absolutely love it! You are so comfortable, you confidently speedboat from one side of the pool to the other, on your own, blowing bubbles and kicking like crazy. It may or may not also have something to do with your swimming teacher, Alison, whom you think you own.

X is for eXpletives
While this is not something I am particularly proud of, it would be remiss of me not to include the fact that we have heard some rather colourful words and phrases escape your mouth in your time. For the sake of this being a family blog, I'll spare everyone the record of the specifics.

Y is for YOLO
There is no doubt that you have an energy, positivity and enthusiasm for life that is refreshing and inspiring. You have already grasped the fact that we only have one life to live, and should make the most of it. This usually comes with risk and accidents of which you have had a fair share. Still, it doesn't hold you back. You have a confidence in who you are, and what you want, and you seem to choose to life as an adventure of opportunity and celebration. I hope you never lose that.

Z is for Zzz
As you have done pretty much since birth, you still sleep sucking your thumb and cuddling your blankey. Sometimes seeing this newer, more grown up you can be quite overwhelming. Some of my favourite and most cherished moments now are of you curled up asleep against me.

You are so excited about turning three today (I'm still catching up on how we got here so fast). May it be all you hope for and more. You are loved so much!

Happy birthday x

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