Sunday, 29 April 2018

Rugby Firsts

Not long ago, Andel bravely took the boys and two of their cousins (that's four kids between 8 and 3 years old) to watch some test cricket at Newlands. To say that it was a hit with them would be a major understatement, as they basically still haven't stopped talking about it. It was at the end of the season though, and so we weren't able to take them again, despite many requests.

This weekend, Andel was given some rugby tickets for the Super Rugby match between the Stormers and the Rebels, so we decided to take the boys.

The weather wasn't great. Just before we left home it started drizzling steadily, and I was not certain that walking the kids in the rain from the parking to the stadium was a good idea. I was even more concerned about where we were going to sit, and whether or not it would be in a steady stream of rain for the entire match. (I'm telling you: being a Captonian at present is hard! We are so excited about and grateful for every drop of rain that falls, and feel terribly guilty about any thoughts of it being an inconvenience).

Thankfully the drizzle was light and intermittent, so we were able to get the boys to the stadium without really getting wet. As we walked towards our gate, they shrieked with delight at being able to see the field, and for a moment, I took in their joy and excitement for something I have for a long time already taken for granted. We ended up sitting behind the try line - a great spot for Zac who wanted to see the kicks go through the posts. Sam, a little less interested in the rugby, still enjoyed being able to see the players scrum, and hardly missed a beat as we entered when he said, "hey, what's that I smell? I smell donuts!".

I think Andel's waited a long time for this

Full of excitement walking to the stadium

Sam getting in on the action as well

Before the game: wondering what we'd let ourselves in for

Zac giving his analysis - obviously

Sammy taking in the atmosphere

It was a good afternoon; everything you imagine when you think of watching rugby on a wintery afternoon. The boys were bundled up in their beanies, munching on hot chips, and treated to chocolate. Their team won, and they had to race each other to the car to avoid getting caught in the rain. When they collapsed into bed later that night, they were still smiling about what they'd experienced.

I suspect there will be many more such days in my future. I can't wait!

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