Monday, 16 September 2013

My Big Full Birthday Weekend

On Friday 6th September, amid no fan-fare whatsoever, I turned 30! Here's a photo update of the celebrations that started on Friday morning, and lasted the entire weekend long!

It started with Zac and Andel covering me in birthday kisses (and jokes). I then went to work where I was treated to lunch and some cake, before receiving a delivery of roses from the Grahams in Ireland. In the evening, a few friends and family joined us for a grown-up dinner while aunty Heidi (bless her!) babysat Zac.

My bouquet from Ireland, delivered to work

Candice and I, back together after 5 years

Eitan and I always see each other on our birthdays, regardless

Can you spot the 30 year old? Me neither

Even Mom let her hair down a bit

Red Velvet Cake from Sugary Sensations for dessert

On Saturday, despite having a really late night, Ash and I took the kids to our monthly Mammas and Munchkins play date. I was really looking forward to the edible art programme they had planned - but that was before Zac announced his arrival by smacking another child in the face (much to my embarrassment!). Of course, after a good scolding, he fell asleep, and missed the entire thing! Thankfully, Jorja and Ethan more than made up for him, and had a wonderful time.

After that, it was time to head home and make a confirmation cake I'd promised to Annie. I keep telling myself not to leave it so late - but I never seem to learn! Having said that though, I do think I'm improving with each cake I try.

After a night out, Zac couldn't stay awake

Ethan - while he was sitting still!

Jorja making her edible art

Annie's confirmation cake I made the day before

On Sunday, after Annie's confirmation (and the family lunch and tea that followed), Andel and I went to Madame Zingara's. What an experience! Please check out the reviews that are available on the net on this. Unfortunately we couldn't take any pics inside there - still, the acts, the food, the whole experience was amazing, and totally worth it! It was the most fantastic end to a really great birthday weekend!

Andel plays dress up at Madame Zingara's
My awesome 2-minute face paint

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  1. Looks like your birthday was one big celebration! Lucky you!