Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mothering Boys...

... apparently, is not at all like mothering girls.

Having watched a number of sisters grow up, and having had a (free) hand in raising Jorja, I can think back fondly on all the things we got to do with her when she was a baby. It mostly included dancing and singing, or playing with teddies (and other soft things) - you know, the gentle stuff. As a result I never really thought about playing 'hazards' until Zac (and I purposely say Zac, and not Ethan, because before Zac, Ethan was the sweetest thing!).

Well, I have recently had a good dose of reality! Over the long Heritage weekend at the end of last month Andel, Zac and I went to spend a few days at my in-laws - and I got a real taste of mothering boy(s) when Zac had two accidents:

First, a matter of hours after we arrived, while playing in an empty pond in the garden, Zac took a dive into the side, cutting his eye open on a corner of some exposed brickwork, and alerting the entire neighbourhood to his loud voice and strong will.

Mommy's blue-eyed boy

Well, after a short cuddle, a long feed, and an application of steri-strip, Zac was nearly good as new.
Until the next day, when while sweeping the kitchen, he tripped over the broom, and scraped open a number of fingers on his left hand - causing yet another loud episode in a rather small and quiet town!

What a weekend! Having been warned of the possibilities of things to come, I must admit, there is the temptation to lock Zac up in a fully padded room, and make him read for the next few years - but I know that wouldn't help much. Besides, all this nerve-wrecking adventure is the fun that comes with having boys!

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  1. Just part of the programme. Enjoy every minute.....and cut..... and scape......and