Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Endless Summer?

In case you're reading this and you're not from these parts, over the last few weeks Cape Town has been experiencing some unusually hot weather. Like extremely, sticky, suffocating, unending hot. Poor Zac (who desperately needs a hair-cut) wakes up in a pool of perspiration despite sleeping on top of the duvet in nothing but a nappy! And while the heat has been uncomfortable, we're wise enough to know that weather this good, in the middle of April, is something we should take advantage of. So this past Saturday, that's exactly what we did.

We got up bright and early - my fault, I mean, who wants to be out in the blazing heat when the sun is at its highest? - and made our way to Muizenberg Beach. There's something quite romantic and surreal about being there when the air is still crisp and the sea is lined with tens of surfers on their boards waiting to catch the next good wave.

Surfers' Corner

We lathered ourselves with sunblock, strapped Zac into his pram, and decided to do the walking trail between Muizenberg and St. James. Zac, who's very much into Nemo right now, was totally taken with the waves splashing up on the rocks alongside the trail, often gasping (very dramatically, I might add) before saying, "mama memo, memo".

Walking path between Muizenberg and St. James

In retrospect

It was quite interesting to see the all sorts who make up the population of Cape Town, making their way along the beach - some running, some walking, some pushing babies in prams, and all of them smiling and greeting us as we passed by. This must be where all the morning people hang out while the rest of us are fighting with the back of our eyelids each morning.

When we reached St. James, we momentarily wished we had brought costumes along to have a quick swim, before deciding to head back while Zac was still happy in the pram. We took the roadside route back, and Andel was able to give us running commentary on the cyclists and their bikes as they passed by.

Walking from St. James back to Muizenberg

The walk itself was actually quite short - but then I haven't done it since I was a child myself, so perhaps in my mind it was longer? And what better way to bide some more seaside time than to settle for a beachfront breakfast? So we popped in at Knead where Andel enjoyed a fry up (ala Tim Noakes' Real Meal Revolution), I had a breakfast croissant, and Zac drank my chai milkshake.

Zac's favourite thing to do at the moment


And at 10h30 as the beach was filling and the temperature was rising, we were heading home to chill for the rest of the day - and thankfully too! It got so hot on Saturday, we would have burnt to a crisp had we been anywhere outdoors!

"Right Mom, I'm ready to go. Are you?"

Sat 12th April, and it's this hot!

Out for the count!

According to the weather forecast this weather was meant to end yesterday (but as I sit here, it's warm and sunny still), and I won't lie, as a winter-girl myself, I'm looking forward to more comfortable temperatures, but for now, it's totally worth it and most welcome for more days like these!

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  1. lovely sunny days! enjoy. and your hair is so long.