Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Zac's First Haircut

When Zac was born - with hardly any hair at all - I honestly didn't think I'd be posting this blog so soon! 

After about six months, Zac's newborn head slowly grew some peach fuzz which was just about visible, and didn't require any brushing. At his first birthday, had he been a girl, we may have had to (like my parents did to me) stick down a ribbon to keep it on his head. And then all of a sudden, in the last year or so, these golden brown locks began to grow - first all bedhead like, and then a full on bosikop of curls.

Seven months old, and only starting to grow hair
A year old, and finally something
My sweet little bedhead!
Full on bosikop Zac

I personally loved Zac's long hair. It was soft and smelt like sweet baby breath. Until the heat hit, that is. Then it became sticky, and always wet, and seemed to be more of an irritation to him than anything else. It must have begun to bug a good couple other people too, because we regularly got asked, "when are you going to give Zac a hair cut". And so we did.

This past weekend, while spending some time with Andel's folks, we took Zac to aunty Shantel's salon to get his hair cut. And, according to the stylist herself, Zac was a dream client. He sat quietly on my lap (it may have had something to do with the phone in his hand, and the emergency milk on tap) while she snipped away - in stages, so that if he were to suddenly be tired of getting a haircut, at least it'd be styled all round, albeit a bit longer than intended.

One last pic before heading to the hairdresser
Too busy to care
Looking just like cousin Ethan now

I took one look at my boy, and another at the floor where so much hair lay, and I realised that I had just said goodbye to yet another part of Zac's babyhood (he ditched his cot for a bed last year already, and gave up his bottle in January).

I can't believe how fast it's all going...

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