Monday, 23 November 2015

The Week That Was

Last week was unusually eventful - and not without its fair share of stress!

First we had the situation with Sam's tumble off the bed. I don't want to talk about it. Thinking about it makes my insides knot up, so let's just leave it at that (you can read about it here if you really want to).

The very next day, Sam cut his first tooth. At last! My poor baby has had a rough time with this teething business. Where some babies seem to cut teeth without any effort at all, Sam seems to have had everything happen to him: he's had fevers high enough to land him up in hospital, diarrhoea, rashes and a cough. And he's been suffering with these symptoms on and off for four months! So you can imagine my joy when he promptly followed with a second tooth the day after cutting the first. Two for the cost of one. And I see the top two are pushing through as well.

In another series of firsts, on Friday Andel and I attended my first ISCT 6th Form Farewell (in other words, matric dance). Before Sam was born I was all for dressing up and going to a fancy dinner, however, when I returned to work a mere 2kg lighter than my full-term weight, I was in two minds. I literally tried to get out of it until Thursday morning. When I was unable to (bring myself to) get rid of my tickets, as you can well imagine, Project Cinderella went into top gear as I somehow had to find something appropriate (that could actually fit!) to wear, with accompanying accessories, a face and a hairdo! Thank God for sisters, that's all I'm saying. Anyway, despite my lack of confidence required to pull off the outfit (and lipstick), Andel and I had a good time on our first proper, fancy, alone date in about a year!

Friday night's Photobooth

And it's a good thing too, because on Saturday, it was our 6th Wedding Anniversary, and in keeping with our custom of celebrating with traditionally-symbolic gifts, the 6th Form Farewell doubled up as our Iron (it was on a golf estate) and Candy (we exchanged chocolates) experience.

Way back in the day...

Follow this all up with an overnight trip to Grabouw, and we've had a good weekend. I'm grateful to have had some time off of my usual responsibilities (like not having to cook), and even had the boys let me sleep in until 10h00 yesterday (interrupted, but still - it's something I don't think I've done in 10 years!).

Life is good at the moment. Busy. Crazy. Stressful. Good. I'm just counting down the days to school holidays now. Two weeks. Hallelujah!

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