Sunday, 19 June 2016

Zac's 4th Birthday

This year was pretty unique in that it was the first time that in the months and weeks leading up to June, Zac actually understood and looked forward to his pending birthday. As a result there was quite a lot of excitement, and a countdown that started nearly a month before his big day. Not to mention, a need for us to get him a real present this time...

Things got a little complicated though. For one: Zac's class, who are the youngest 10 children in the school, all have birthdays between February and June (Zac's being the last), and so we were attending parties left, right and centre - on three different occasions we attended two parties on one weekend, and had a run of three consecutive weekends of Nursery D celebrations! On the drive home from each of these, Zac would ask, "but when is it my party?" - and June always seemed a very long way away. Add to that the fact that Zac's birthday was after the end of the term, and we had a new challenge: to give Zac a 'class party' at school, and explain to him that sometimes a party is not held on the same day as the birthday (I know - we were optimistic thinking Zac would understand and accept that). Well, let's just say, when the big day came around, a few days after the class party, Zac first insisted he was turning five...

We nailed it with the gift *parental high five*

Well, all's well that ends well. Zac enjoyed a class party of the last day of term, which also happened to be Pyjama Day. So, in the cold and wintery weather, they got to go to school in their sleepwear, and bring their blankets and teddies to enjoy a movie. We sent cupcakes and hot chocolate for them to enjoy during snack time, and sent each child home with a party box filled with treats and a toy.

The thank you pic I was sent by Zac's teacher

Then, on the morning of Zac's actual birthday, we decided to take the cousins and close friends for breakfast at Spur. Best idea ever! The kids had a ball making their way through the jungle gym, bouncing on the jumping castle and having their faces painted, stopping only to enjoy a quick breakfast and a milkshake. And best of all: all the adults could sit back and enjoy their breakfast too!

Jorja navigating the jungle gym

Everyone on the jumping castle in their onesies

Sam getting in on some slide action

My little Batman

Enjoying some toast, eggs, bacon and milkshakes

Dom showing Ethan the ropes

The cutest cheetah around!

Trying to blow out a sparkler... He doesn't get out much

The awesome Mr Noah cake

So by 12h00, we were done, fed and without any cleaning to do. Yay!

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