Monday, 17 April 2017

Blue or Pink - What Do You Think?

I think it was around this time, last time, that we had an idea that we were having another boy (granted, I was pretty certain of that from the beginning anyway) so it's no wonder that people have started asking those same questions now. This time we are probably not going to find out the gender (I mean, I say so now - and have been since the start - but who knows, so watch this space) and so it seems even more appropriate to do another gender quiz - and fun to compare the answers with Sam's.

Are you carrying high or low?
I suck at this! Compared to the others, definitely bigger. My body has completely forsaken me (to be fair, this is the third time it's housing a living baby) and it's just soft and flabby - but I'm not sure that it's actually high(er)...
Verdict = Boy?

How fast is baby's heart rate?
I have actually heard the heart beat, but it was on a doppler, so I wasn't able to spy the numbers.
No verdict

Have you had any skin breakout?
No, my skin is surprisingly unaffected. Wait - except for the rash I broke out in a few weeks ago. But after checking liver function and all the important stuff, we narrowed it down to most likely be an allergic reaction to the boys' body wash.
Verdict = Boy

How much nausea have you had?
I was pretty much nausea free with Zac, and then a little nauseous with Sam. With this one, for the first trimester although I only threw up once (actually as a result of some funky food, not morning sickness) I was constantly ill! In addition to this, I had diarrhoea continually for three weeks.
Verdict = Girl

How are your cravings?
I have not craved anything, mostly because in the beginning I was too ill to eat at all. Since regaining an appetite though, I have not been able to bant; I don't know what it is.
Verdict = (tending towards) Girl

How is your hair growth?
It actually seems quite normal to me this time. If is has been growing, I haven't noticed a remarkable growth spurt anywhere.
Verdict = Girl

What is the shape of your pregnant abdomen?
Round. I have no muscle tone . I thought I didn't recover from Zac, but evidently I did. What I didn't recover from was Sam. My abdomen - that split in both previously pregnancies - has not even closed since Sam, so I'm one big ball of belly.
Verdict = Girl

How has your face changed?
Not much really - well, not that anyone has mentioned. Yet.
Verdict = Boy

How 'big' are your legs?
Look, I'll be the first to admit that thanks to starting a strict (and then not-so) LCHF eating plan 12 months prior to falling pregnant, I was a little on the thin side. I was planning to add some muscle tone to that soon... Anyway, I didn't have much of a bum during that time. But not anymore. I now have a bum. A big bum.
Verdict = Boy

Has baby's dad been gaining weight?
Andel tends to binge eat sporadically, and then get into a training obsession to work all the extra weight off again. I'm not sure if the current eating is just one of those phases or as a result of baby, but I don't see him gaining any weight.
Verdict = Boy

Has your chest size changed?
Yes! And it's so sensitive! I don't really remember feeling this touched out so early in the pregnancy, but it is as it is.
 Verdict = Girl

Which side do you prefer to sleep on?
I'm currently still trying to sleep on my belly (it probably helps that it's soft), or I spend a lot of time propped up on my back.
No verdict

Can you tell you're pregnant from behind?
Apart from the big bum. Not really. Yet. I think
Verdict = Boy (perhaps)

Final Score:
Boy 6 - Girl 6

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