Monday, 10 April 2017

What If It's the Last One?

Announcing a pregnancy is both my best and worst part of the process of everyone finding out. I find the sudden, unnatural attention quite awkward, and then overwhelming, and then just plain uncomfortable (especially if this announcement is made by someone else, in a work meeting, for example. I literally want the floor to open up and swallow me right then).

I do, however, enjoy the creative process of putting together an announcement that can be shared via social media or other indirect communication. When we found out Sam was on the way, I immediately knew what we could do, and created this:

This time has been far more tricky though. I think the combination of mixed emotions that basically took up the entire first trimester, and the fact that we only told the family close to the end of that stage, has been a major contributing factor. The other is the fact that this is probably (definitely... maybe...) the last pregnancy announcement I'll get to make (for myself anyway) so I wanted to go out with a bang.

And as a result, I have not yet come up with the one to post.

So, in celebration of Siblings day, and because who knows if I'll get another chance, here are all the posts we've made and/or considered, for you to have a good giggle at!

Starting with: what PJ post (with our permission) on the family whatsapp group. As you can imagine, it caused a wealth of confusion that was pretty funny to see unfold. It's also what Andel post to his family group, much to their horror...

This is the one Andel was supposed to have posted to his family group...

Here are the ones we're looking at for the 'official' public announcement...
Unoriginal but short, sweet and to the point
 Neat and minimalist

 The mandatory cute one

Telling it like it is, in pink, blue or yellow
 Andel's favourite

 The Easter-themed one

The just plain funny one

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  1. I like them all ! Especially the last one and Kirsty like the egg one.