Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Home, Sweet Home

It's funny how people always want the best of both worlds. I'm no different: having spent a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable 3 weeks in the UK, I became completely familiar and at home, and found myself inconsolably sad to be leaving. At the same time though, I was so looking forward to returning home - to our little house, and our big families.

And I was not disappointed by our welcome! I wish I had a photograph to capture the love that Jorja shared with us when we arrived at CT International. That girl gives THE BEST hugs! I was fortunate to have one that lasted 20 minutes: from the moment she greeted me, until we stopped in front of the house.

For me, one of the best parts of receiving the blessing of this holiday, was being able to bless others on our return. (Did I mention that we had 35kg more coming back than we did when we left?) To see expressions and exclamations of delight as we handed out little gifts warmed and swelled our hearts immensely - in particular: Annie's, Andel's Mom's (Thanks uncle Ed for your retail assistance!), and his sister, Shantel's! :)

Sadly, during our time away, Andel's aunt passed away. Although it's a time of loss and mourning, we are so grateful to have been able to spend time with her, and are learning (daily) to appreciate our loved ones while they are with us.

We miss England terribly: we miss the sun (it's overcast and cold here every day!), we miss the food (Andel and I have put on 4kg and 2kg respectively), and even though we really miss our family... it's good to be home.

ps. Blog was done Friday when we left. Update and pics to follow soon.

Home, sweet home... and waiting :)

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