Thursday, 21 April 2011

Around the world in 20 hours

We are officially in England: the home of fish and chips, mushy peas, and beans on toast. And the sun in shining!

Our travels started bright and early yesterday morning... 03h45 to be exact. That was when my body decided that, because it was Wednesday, I should be awake for my opening shift. Before check-in at 07h00, we had already woken the du Plessis to retrieve a document we'd given them, that we should've had with us, gone back home to fetch some money we'd forgotten, and visited Bonny Babies to catch our taxi to the airport.

And that was a sign of things to come. In SA time, our journey was something like this:

07h15: check in


Andel having breakfast with Pops to calm the nerves

10h10: depart Cape Town
12h00: arrive Joburg


Need I explain any further?

13h30: depart Joburg
21h30: arrive Abu Dhabi


Having a nap waiting for the plane

Keeping the mind occupied

00h35: depart Abu Dhabi
08h45: arrive London

So 4 movies, 7 episodes of Big Bang Theory, Lie to Me and Mentalist, and 6 meals later, we are here: healthy, happy and ready to holiday!

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