Thursday, 28 April 2011

Driving to Dublin

On Tuesday morning, after a wonderful weekend in Norfolk, we left for Ireland. Being the unseasoned travelers that we are (were?) we didn’t plan our journey well. We were booked on the 06h00 (the cheapest) flight, out of Stansted which is 90 minutes from London and Norwich. So dear aunty Lynne, bless her, drove us to the airport at 03h30!

The flight to Dublin is not long. It’s approximately one hour, of which about 20 minutes is spent in taxi at either airport. The runway at Stansted is so big and long that Andel actually asked, “Are we driving to Dublin?”

We were greeted by typical Irish weather: icy wind and rain. True to form (for those of you who are aware of the ‘no rain’ blessing that I have) the rain stopped as we reached the City Centre. Thank you Lord! We literally spent the next 9 hours walking across what felt like every square-metre of Dubln - what an experience! (There are literally too many pics to load here, so you’ll have to visit to see them)

Our first view from the bus

Yes, it was THAT cold!

The home of Guinness

Much better weather!

Andel at the local Spar! :)

We were delighted to meet up with Karl and Tarrin later that evening. We checked into our hotel, and had dinner together. Unfortunately their flight from Italy had been delayed, and their flight back to SA was really early Wednesday morning, so we didn’t get to spend too much time together. Still, I have learnt that the best times are not necessary made up of long times. Even a few minutes with the best friends can feel like forever!

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