Saturday, 30 April 2011

Our Royal Vacation

What a great time we are having! Britain is celebrating a weekend of festivities, and Andel and I are being treated like, well, royals.

Speaking of which: the wedding was quite an occasion in the Wilcox house yesterday (as I'm sure it was in many homes all across the world). Uncle Neil was up at 06h00 when the television build up to the wedding coverage started. By the time we were up he was dressed in an SA FIFA World Cup tee, festive tie, and draped in the England flag.

Having not been entirely interested in the wedding preparations prior to landing here, I must confess that there is something rather patriotic about all the pomp and grandeur, and it feels rather special to have been here to experience this memorable event.

After that balcony kiss most of Britain attended one of the some-thousand street parties that were held throughout the country. Right next door, practically in our back yard, there was a party in the park.

Just in case we weren't sure!

Today we (bravely) went into Central London, and walked the route of the Royal Wedding (Westminster Abbey has been left exactly as it was yesterday for the wedding, so naturally there were queues of people waiting to get inside). We passed through the Horse Guards Parade, and got to witness an inspection of the guards. We also visited just about every store on Regent and Oxford Streets, including Hamleys - which Andel found very impressive!

Nothing like some caffeine to kick start the day!

Andel, phone home :)

Checking out London's (next) biggest attractions (after the wedding, of course)

We are truly feeling very blessed to be able to enjoy this time with family who are spoiling us rotten!

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