Saturday, 23 April 2011

Asparagus and Pork

Some of you will know how, for weeks before we even left, Andel was paranoid about getting sick when we arrived here. He wanted to get Vitamin B injections, and pack in as much winter clothes (and preventative medication) as he owns. Well, I'm happy to report that he is germ-free! I, on the other hand, am voiceless, on a cocktail of tablets and syrups, and hopefully nearing the end of a chest/throat infection. Not that this is dampening our spirits in any way! :)

Yesterday we took a 3 hour trip with the Wilcox's in 5 hours. The traffic throughout England this weekend has been insane. It seems that even the most irreligious want to be around their family for Easter. The journey took us out of London and into the county of asparagus and pork farming (the number of farms of this kind in this area is mind-blowing!): Norfolk.

The countryside is beautiful. It's so tranquil, just being in the area makes everything seem more relaxed. It's even more wonderful to be able to visit the Webers again, and enjoy the easter weekend together with all our "British" family.

Today we visited Norwich, and spent a good afternoon in Cromer on the coast. Apparently the UK is experiencing a heat wave at the moment, if the number of people swimming in the (freezing, North) sea is anything to go by!

Our first purchases:

Genuine leather work shoes for Andel

True Religion shoes for Rob

As I write this, Chris, Tim, Dan, Andel, Kirsty and aunty Michelle are playing cricket in the back garden. The sun is still shining (and will be for 2 hours more), and soon we'll be preparing dinner for the masses.

I'm pretty sure: this is the life!

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